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Ground breaking insights. Industry leading opinion. Highly actionable advice. If you’re looking for blog content that reflects the quality of your brand, you’re in the right place.

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Intelligent content for intelligent brands

With millions of blog posts published each day, average content isn’t enough. That’s why at RH&Co we’re happy to admit that, when it comes to blog writing services, we’re complete perfectionists.

Whether you want to drive traffic to your website, move leads through the buyer journey or establish an expert reputation within your industry, we can help you do it in a way that enhances your brand for the long term.

A strategic approach to blog writing services

Using the RH&Co blogging framework, we will help you identify the types of content that will best deliver the results you’re looking for. These could include:

• Expert-led articles that showcase your unique IP
• Top of funnel content to raise brand awareness
• High value posts that solve problems for your audience
• SEO-driven content designed to rank on Google
• Bottom of funnel articles to support your sales teams

Helping your blog perform better

Our blog writing services can involve much more than the writing itself. They involve content planning, which can include a comprehensive or MVP content strategy. We can also create support copy for social media or email marketing. Our content add-on services include:

Content strategy

Dig deeper into brand, audience and competitor content so your content can better support your wider business goals

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Social copy

Increase the reach of your blog using your social network, and enable more click-throughs to become conversions


Deliver your blog directly to your subscribers via their inbox, and improve the performance of your nurture sequences.

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Lead magnets

Make your blog part of a wider content campaign to build your database and add more value for your audience.

What our clients think about our blog writing services

Morrow Digital

 “As experts, we really know our stuff but we struggle to communicate that expertise to the outside world. Rin and her team have transformed the way we tell our story. Content marketing is a long term strategy but we’re already benefiting from an increase in the quantity and quality of leads, better brand awareness and a clearer focus on who our prospects are.” – Tom Riglar, CEO

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“Organic visits are the most stable part of Blueheart’s acquisition funnel… RH&Co helped us generate massive results over a span of a few weeks, and that’s just from the increase in traffic on the blog. This helped massively from an SEO perspective.” – Camiel Roex, Head of Growth

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“The RH&Co team knows how to ask the right in-depth questions to stimulate my thinking. The more we work together, the better and quicker the team picks up what I have in mind. For one of the latest articles, I didn’t have any edits to suggest. The first draft was perfect.” – Eelco van Eijk, Partner

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Blogging FAQs

How long should a blog post be?

A blog post can start at as little as 300 words (especially if it is image heavy) and can end up at several thousand words. In general we advise our clients to start at the 800-1,200 word mark.

To find out more about what length is right for your blog – or whether you need to consider different types of content – read our article, ‘Blogging – how long, how often and other important questions.’

Blogging FAQs

How often should a business publish a blog post?

As with blog length, there isn’t a definitive answer. If you’re getting started, we would advise publishing a blog post at least twice a month, otherwise you simply won’t gain traction. If you’re pursuing an SEO strategy, you’ll most likely need to publish more frequently, especially in the early stages.

To find out more about how often you should be publishing blogs, read our article, ‘Blogging – how long, how often and other important questions.’

Blogging FAQs

How can you provide blog writing services for my business if you’re not an expert in my subject?

Our expertise lies in working with your subject matter experts to find the stories in your data, the emotional connection in your list of features, stripping out any unneeded jargon to leave only what supports your core messaging and goals.

Having interviewed and written for many subject-matter experts over the years, we do often have an understanding of your industry to the table. But our real strength lies in being able to bring a fresh perspective, asking enough questions to get beneath the surface of what you do.

We don’t need to be experts in your subject because that’s your job. Our job is to draw out your expertise and then package it up using precisely the right words to establish you as an authority within the minds of your audience.

To dig into the reasons why your subject matter experts aren’t always the best people to be creating your content, read our article, ‘How can you blog for my business if you’re not an expert in my subject?’

Blogging services

Helping expert-led businesses create content that achieves key business goals

Got more questions about our blog writing services?

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