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How we helped Blueheart broadcast their expertise in shame-free sex education

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Blueheart – the app revolutionising the conversation around sex

Blueheart is a sex therapy app offering accessible shame-free sex education and guided Sensate therapy. Informed by the latest scientific research, the app helps couples to re-ignite their sex lives by refreshing the conversation around sex with honest and actionable support.

Launched in 2019, Blueheart caught onto the surge in demand for support over lockdown. The company has since grown to a team of 12 and has been featured by the likes of Vogue, The Guardian, and the BBC.

Since we began blogging for Blueheart in September 2021, the blog has played a key role in boosting organic traffic, leading to a significant increase in app downloads. Here’s how we did it.

“RH&Co helped us generate massive results over a span of a few weeks, and that’s just from the increase in traffic on the blog.”

– Camiel Roex, Head of Growth

The challenge

A mess of a marketplace – and middling results

Before they began working with us, Blueheart commissioned blogs on an online marketplace, but Camiel Roex, the brand’s Head of Growth, says the process wasn’t great. “You would send the brief, and the first version would always come back really bad. Sophie, our head of content, would have to rewrite the whole piece.”

It was an uneven process that led to about 5,000 organic visits a month. Results that weren’t really worth the pain.


Scaling content and standing out

Needless to say, this wasn’t scaleable, particularly considering how much content they wanted to put out. “We’re offering lots of education,” says Camiel, “and if the education isn’t good, then the whole thing doesn’t work.”

Camiel knew that it was crucial for the brand to be seen as an authority in its field. Without this differentiator, people would see no reason to download the Blueheart app. “If we were just another blog with superficial tips, just copying what other websites did without presenting our own view, we’d have no unique offering.”


The solution

An expert-informed, SEO-optimised process


Before, when using the marketplace to find copywriters, Camiel never knew who he was briefing, and therefore the quality of content would differ greatly. He found that, because they had no prior involvement with the company, they often missed the mark on the topic, or weren’t able to implement Blueheart’s brand story in their work.


With RH&Co, it was a different tale. We were referred to Blueheart by Addland, a platform that had seen great results with our SEO-optimised blogging services.

To replicate a similar kind of success for Blueheart, we combined the skills of our editorial team with SEO-scoring software. This approach was fuelled by Blueheart’s SEO research into keywords that would help them compete on subjects they wanted to be an authority on.


To ensure the posts would be distinct – in line with Blueheart’s point of view, goal and target audience – one of their therapists would add in notes to each brief. This was the crucial expert-led angle to the content that would elevate it above the imitative SEO strategies of competitors.

The outcome

Soaring organic results

Since Rin Hamburgh & Co started blogging for Blueheart, organic visits have rocketed from 5,000 to 25-30,000 a month.

“RH&Co helped us generate massive results over a span of a few weeks, and that’s just from the increase in traffic on the blog,” says Camiel. “This helped massively from an SEO perspective.

“There’s a blog we have on sexual frustration – we’re now number one on that keyword. We have 10,000 searches a month on it and it’s very relevant to our brand.

“Organic visits are the most stable part of Blueheart’s acquisition funnel. About 30% of people downloading the app after doing the assessment on the website came via the blog, or via Google, by searching for Blueheart or Blueheart reviews.”


Making it quick and easy to stand out

In addition, Camiel is relieved with how much we sped up their blogging process. “We can run a full content marketer’s job in one hour a week instead of 20 hours,” he says. “And we don’t have to hire someone full time, which is important for a startup.”

Lastly, Camiel says: “We highly recommend RH&Co to anyone who struggles to find a good process to push out the quality content themselves. They are very responsive, stick to deadlines and the quality of the writing is very good. They have helped us to stand out and become an authority on certain topics.”


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