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What is an expert-led business?

An expert-led business is a business that sells more than just a product or service – it sells the knowledge, skills and expertise that support those offerings. We’ve worked with experts in a huge range of subjects, from data science to leadership development, embedded banking to elderly care.

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Are your writers subject-matter experts?

No. Our expertise lies in working with your subject matter experts to find the stories in your data, the emotional connection in your list of features, stripping out any unneeded jargon to leave only what supports your core messaging and goals.

Having interviewed and written for many subject-matter experts over the years, we do often bring an understanding of your industry to the table. But our real strength lies in being able to bring a fresh perspective, asking enough questions to get beneath the surface of what you do.

We don’t need to be experts in your subject because that’s your job. Our job is to draw out your expertise and then package it up using precisely the right words to establish you as an authority within the minds of your audience.

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Do you white label for other agencies?

We love working with other agencies. We can provide pure writing services on a white label basis if the brief comes from the agency and we have no dealing with the end client. However we prefer to get involved as an agency partner, working collaboratively with the lead agency and the client, and inputting on a strategic as well as a delivery level.

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How much do you charge for copywriting?

We price our work on a per project basis and include a number of factors in our calculations, from the amount of words needed to the complexity of the subject matter. One-off projects start at £2,500+VAT for new clients and retainers are available from £1,250+VAT per month with a minimum 6 month contract term.

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Can we have a discount if we provide some draft copy?

Unfortunately not. The truth is that we’ve found it doesn’t save time in the long run and can actually make the creative process harder. We always include a thorough briefing in every project, during which we’ll draw out the information we need to create powerful marketing copy to help your brand stand out from the crowd.

We hope you’ll agree that if you’re going to pay a professional to write your copy for you, you may as well take advantage of their skills and dedicate your time to what you do best.

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How many revisions will we get on our copy?

Don’t worry, we won’t just dump a first draft on your lap and run off. We build in two amends stages as standard for all our copywriting projects, delivering your draft via Google Docs so all stakeholders can contribute their thoughts on a live document.

Two is just a guideline though, and we are committed to working with our clients until they are happy with every word. The only time we would need to revisit the original quote is if the brief changes significantly during the course of the project – but we would discuss this with you first.

How quickly can you start on a new project?

We can usually book in an initial discovery call within 2-4 weeks of you confirming that you’d like to work with us.

How long the project takes will, of course, depend on what that project is. But to give you an idea, a reasonably sized messaging and website project would take around 6-8 weeks from first briefing, depending on how quickly you’re able to provide feedback at each stage.

For our monthly blogging packages, we aim to deliver first draft copy within 7-10 working days of each briefing session, and will turn amends around within 48 hours to ensure we stick to your publishing schedule.