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How we helped Morrow stamp their authority on the app development space

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Morrow – an app development agency of increasing fame

Morrow is a React Native app development company that works with pioneering businesses and entrepreneurs.

Longtime collaborators and best friends Tom Riglar and Charles Killer started Morrow in May 2019 out of Charles’ spare bedroom. They have since grown to be a 15-strong team, winning App Dev Agency of the Year at the 2022 UK Dev Awards.

That growth was possible because Morrow’s expertise isn’t just limited to producing innovative digital products. Part of their prowess lies in creating a space that developers love to be in, where they can collaborate to create their best work.

Since we began working with Morrow in 2021, their blog has played a key part of generating leads and attracting the right people to their team. Here’s how we helped them do it.

“Rin and her team have transformed the way we tell our story.”

– Tom Riglar, CEO & Co-founder

The problem

Technical expertise vs. audience

Before coming to Rin Hamburgh & Co, Morrow had written the occasional blog post but they found it difficult to prioritise this in a busy agency. And they were aware that the blog needed consistency in order to achieve results.

The Morrow team had some idea of what they wanted to write. They also had a vague idea of their client personas. But CEO Tom knew that the messaging connecting these two components was missing.

“As experts, we really know our stuff,” he says, “but we struggle to communicate that expertise to the outside world.”


The solution

Creating a steady pulse of content


Morrow were looking for a consistent voice and message, so the blogs would feel like a collection, not disparate pieces. And they needed a killer strategy behind them. So we began by delving into their client personas and mapping out ideas for content that would hook both code-fluent and non-technical founders.


Then, from our first briefing session, we started asking Tom questions that would tease out his expertise. Each month we dove into strategically chosen topics – from app frameworks to funding advice and the latest developments in Apple and e-commerce – and crafted blog posts from our conversations. Over time, it also became clear that we needed to place Morrow’s developer-first culture in the spotlight too.


After six months, we reviewed our progress and adjusted the audience that we were targeting. And after 12 months we booked in another strategy session to ensure that the blog kept pace with the growing agency.

“The consistency and steady pulse is really useful,” says Tom. “Working with Rin Hamburgh & Co has provided stability in what could otherwise be a fairly chaotic agency life.”

A key takeaway

The blog process doesn’t just showcase expertise, it builds it.

Tom said something that really stuck with us: “When you teach, two people learn.”

“In the briefing sessions, you’re forced to put your ideas into an order that is coherent for another human to understand,” he says. “This opens the doorway to challenge yourself on your topic, so you achieve a deeper level of learning that you otherwise wouldn’t.”

“It’s similar to a data transfer object (DTO) in software. You’ve got your database, with all its nuances and complexities, and you’ve got to send the person receiving it a coherent message. A blog is kind of like that: a way of encapsulating that forces you to think about both the sender and the receiver.”

The outcomes


When we began blogging for them in 2021, Morrow was approaching a tipping point in terms of fame. Their LinkedIn page used to get one organic follower a month, but after just six months of blogging and other efforts, they were seeing 6-7 new followers a week.

“Content marketing is a long term strategy,” says Tom, “but we’re already benefiting from an increase in the quantity and quality of leads, better brand awareness and a clearer focus on who our prospects are.”



Morrow found that the blog posts have actually been most effective in their recruitment process as they’ve grown to a team of 15.

“The posts attract candidates, and the right kind, who are attracted to the ideas we are expressing on the blog,” says Tom. “We’ve found that junior developers are asking questions about topics from the blogs in interviews, showing great promise.”


A stamp of authority

Published blog posts have also worked well as valuable sales and comms tools for various stages of the buyer’s journey. “Being able to say ‘I’ve actually written a blog about that recently’ has proved very helpful,” says Tom, “particularly in acquiring new business.

“Rin and her team have transformed the way we tell our story to prospective clients and partners,” says Tom. “Through a series of workshops and briefing sessions, they have created a range of written content for us that stamps our authority in the app development space.”


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