About RH&Co

You need the right words to showcase your expertise. We know how to find them, how to put them together, how to make them sing. Plus we’re nice people, so working with us is fun too.

Our why

Triple bottom line goals

RH&Co exists to help individuals and organisations achieve their dreams using the power of words.

That vision applies to our clients, to our team and to the wider community. Our mission is to build a market-leading agency that demonstrates triple bottom line business practices, delivers tangible results for our clients, and is a great place to work.

Our values

We strive for excellence

Even if no one is watching, we will always be doing our best because it matters to us. It’s not about being perfect but about giving what we have each day to maintain consistently high standards.

Our values

We take every opportunity to learn

We don’t assume we know everything so we are always learning – from each other, from clients, from experts, from reading widely and furthering our studies. We also see every challenge and so-called failure as an opportunity to learn.

Our values

We work with mutual respect

We respect each member of the team and value everyone’s contribution, no matter what their title. We only work with people and businesses we respect and who treat us with respect in return. Even when we disagree with people, we are respectful in how we communicate.

Our values

We are all hands on deck

We work together for a common goal. No one role is more important than another. We are willing to go beyond job titles and descriptions and just get stuck in so that together we get the job done.

Our values

We are conscious of our impact

We recognise that our decisions have an effect beyond ourselves. We are committed to acting in an increasingly sustainable way to protect and support the planet and its people.


Meet the team

Rin Hamburgh, Founder & Managing Director

A journalist turned copywriter, Rin has built RH&Co on the same principles she used to create hard hitting features for the likes of The Guardian and Psychologies magazine. She believes in the power of words to drive change and, as a mum of twins, she is also exceptionally good at doing the work life juggle.

Liz Leaman, Operations Director

With a background in operations management and four children of her own, Liz is the stabilising force of the agency, bringing a level head to balance out Rin’s creative energy. She looks after a range of important functions, from finance to HR, making her utterly indispensable. Her only weakness is an unwavering obsession with Diet Coke.

Rosie Fletcher, Head of Client Experience

It’s not just Rosie’s corporate background that gives her such invaluable insights into the world many of our clients operate in. She’s also the kind of person who will have your life story within half an hour of meeting you. Expect her to ask the tough questions that get your experts thinking outside the box.

Sam Whitlock, Senior Copywriter & Editor

Sam first joined the RH&Co team on a temporary basis while he was studying how to write novels and plays, and he was so good we never let him go. He’s not only an exceptional writer but an insightful and intelligent editor. We reckon when he hands his notice in, it will be because he’s just landed a big publishing deal.

Anna Alford, Copywriter

A neuroscience graduate with an artistic flair, Anna can craft intensely researched material in her sleep. She’s got a never ending supply of curiosity and can think her way around fintech one minute and medical ethics the next. When she’s not making words dance it’s because she’s out on a Bristol dance floor herself.

Jane Duffus, Account Manager

With a background in journalism and publishing, Jane is perfectly suited to drawing just the right information from our clients and creating winning briefs for our writing team. She’s also a published author and passionate advocate of women, having written a series of books including two on the women who built Bristol.

Ingrid Smejkal, Sales & Marketing Assistant

After a successful career in recruitment and talent management, Ingrid made the brave decision to leave in order to follow her dream of painting. Alongside this fledgling business she also applies her creativity, people skills and extensive French Connection wardrobe to supporting Rin with our sales and marketing activity.

Kassi Marshall, Project Administrator

A self-confessed admin nerd, Kassi keeps all the plates spinning smoothly. They’re the keeper of the keys when it comes to getting a meeting booked in and are a dab hand at any kind of system you can throw at them. When they’re not perfecting the digital filing system, you can find them enjoying one of their many crafting hobbies.

Brand voice guidelines

Define the language that gives your brand its unique voice and personality, creating a template to support consistency in your communications.

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Messaging development

Draw out and articulate the key ideas you want to communicate to build an authentic picture of your business that resonates with your audience.

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Website copywriting

Attract the right visitors and make sure they get a great first impression, find what they need fast, and ultimately do business with you.

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Blogging services

Unlock the subject matter expertise in your business and create high value content that generates brand awareness, engagement and leads.

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White papers

Build authority and your contacts database with in-depth knowledge-based content and campaigns designed to generate results.

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Case study writing

Leverage the social proof inherent in your customer or client portfolio to build trust and highlight the results you can deliver for your audience.

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“I couldn’t recommend the RH&Co team highly enough”

“Over the last 5 years multiple people had written content and created pages for our website so the tone and wording was all over the place. With RH&Co, we started with brand messaging sessions where we really dove into the voice of Engineered Arts then went into a full content refresh. The process was so smooth and unbelievably we only needed two small changes across the whole site. I couldn’t recommend the RH&Co team highly enough.”

Daniel Bragg, Marketing Manager, Engineered Arts

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