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How we helped proptech startup Housecure to generate pre-launch partnerships

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To communicate value proposition and build brand awareness before product launch

To create fluid messaging that could remain consistent while the core offering evolves


Potential partners already reaching out cold to the founders

Post-product launch results to come

A disruptive product at the pre-MVP stage

Housecure is a proptech platform designed to make every aspect of home ownership a delightful experience, with an initial focus on removing the need for an offer-to-exchange period. It’s founded by Max Inglis, a serial entrepreneur, and Theo Inglis, a seasoned product developer and co-founder of digital consultancy Thought and Function.

‘Stress free property transactions’ is the strapline that describes the duo’s initial ambitions for the Housecure platform. And while it’s a disruptive proposition, Housecure are not attempting to be a cutting edge brand so much as an accessible one.

“We want to build a company that is actively helping people who are struggling in the market,” says Theo. “We believe they’re struggling unfairly, and the ones profiting from the current system are typically exploiting it.”

The Housecure team has larger goals as well. As Max explains, “The importance of a family home cannot be understated as homeownership boosts the educational performance of children, improves healthcare outcomes, lowers crime rates and lessens welfare dependency.

“It’s important to have someone who understands what you’re trying to build and is essentially part of your team.”

Max Inglis, Founder of Housecure

The challenge

The face of a product yet to launch

At the time of writing, Housecure’s vision lies behind an MVP still in development.

“Our mission isn’t to use the website as a means of lead generation yet – since we haven’t released the product,” says Theo. “We don’t care about how we’re ranking. The real goal is to be clear as to what we’re offering, so we can get beta users and build partnerships.”


Writing for an audience that might know nothing

“Both Max and myself are used to writing professional documents where you can assume a certain level of understanding,” says Theo. “But the Housecure site would need to be accessible.”

It was important to ensure the Housecure site was simple, clear and directed to the right audience – an audience that might not see their problem clearly enough to instantly recognise the value of the solution.


Fluid messaging for an evolving product

The platform needed a website that clearly articulated its mission, and that would be ready to welcome all users once the product went live, but that product was likely to evolve quickly.

“That’s the challenge of working with startups,” says Theo, “Right now we’re selling one thing, in three months time we should be selling something more or something else. So the key messaging on our website needed to be fluid, focusing on the heart of what we’re doing rather than just the features of the product.

The process

An easy experience, with the right level of pushback

Having already worked with us in his role at Thought & Function, Theo knew our process would be a good fit for what Housecure’s messaging and website needed. “It’s a very easy and friendly process,” he says. “It’s not unnecessarily complicated or stifling. It’s fluid – we can just have a chat, RH&Co extract the information they need, and then painlessly go away and make it work.” Max, too, found the experience to be overwhelmingly constructive. “It’s important to have someone who understands what you’re trying to build and is essentially part of your team,” he says. “As a founder you can be very focused on your vision, but it’s useful to have an expert that can challenge you, bring an outside perspective and help you to adapt.” Theo adds that they wouldn’t receive that kind of input from everyone. “The only way you can allow that to happen is if you have a good relationship and trust. We have to know they’re looking out for us, and doing the best for us, and then we can trust what they have to say.”

The outcome

Early partnerships and a website primed for launch

“In terms of the feedback we’ve received so far, people seem impressed with the site,” says Theo. “It’s getting the right messaging across.”

Of course, as of the time of writing, the Housecure product is still in development and yet to launch. The team isn’t actively using it for lead generation yet, but they’re still making some early contacts through it.

“At this stage we primarily need it for brand credibility,” says Theo. “That said, we’ve already had potential partners reach out to us simply because they’ve gone on our site. Partnerships are a key area for us right now, so the website’s already proving effective.”


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