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How we’ve helped an international group of leadership development experts explore and articulate their knowledge and build their reputation

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Ongoing growth in brand awareness and business development

An evolving content partnership

Founded over 20 years ago, TPC Leadership is a leadership development and cultural change consultancy with partner-led branches across the globe, from Italy to Brazil and from the Netherlands to India. Their clients include household names such as AstraZeneca, Coca Cola and Deutsche Bank.

We began working with TPCL’s UK office in 2018, soon growing our relationship with the global marketing team. Over the years, we have worked on a number of projects together, including thought leadership articles and campaigns, white paper projects, and their new website, which went live in 2023.

“What stands out for me is the nature of the relationship”

“It’s how you understand us, how you’re patient with us when we’re disorganised, how you’re prepared to take a very light brief and make something out of it.”

– Marcus de Vasconcelos, Partner – Poland, TPC Leadership

Helping TPCL’s own leaders surface their expertise

With hundreds of consultants and coaches across the globe, operating in a series of distinct but collaborative business units, TPCL’s global marketing challenge lies in reflecting the unique aspects of each individual and team while building consistent brand awareness.

One of the ways in which we have helped them to tackle this has been through creating thought leadership series and campaigns based around panel discussions featuring a selection of TPCL’s partners.

Marcus de Vasconcelos is TPCL’s partner for Poland and oversees the group’s marketing function. He says, “I like having someone with whom I can speak about a subject, who can then take it to the next level, upon which I can then add more or comment. That’s so useful for anyone who either doesn’t have the time or the ability to articulate their ideas clearly, who just wants to talk and have someone reflect that back to them.”

Annelieke Jense, one of TPCL’s partners for the Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg region, adds: “In an AI driven world, it helps to have a human counterpart to draw your expertise out and put it on paper. It’s about asking the right questions to make sure that that content is coming to the surface, and capturing it in a language that our clients understand.”


Communicating complex subjects in an engaging way

TPC Leadership works with large and enterprise level businesses around the world, offering bespoke, long term programmes covering leadership development, cultural change and executive leadership.

Many of the subjects that TPCL’s experts are experienced and skilled in are complex and academic. These topics need to be communicated in a way that is on the one hand engaging and accessible to their readership, but equally loses none of its depth and still reflects the expertise of the team.

Andrea Cardillo, TPCL’s partner in Italy, says he has always found the process of working with the RH&Co team a positive one. “I have always felt understood – what was the main point, what was important – and my contribution has always been channelled in a way that felt very relatable but also had a structured and professional tone of voice.”


“I have worked with several copywriters but my best experience has been with you.”

– Andrea Cardillo, Managing Partner – Italy, TPC Leadership

Slow and steady wins the race

As in so many global organisations, the number of stakeholders involved in each TPCL project requires careful planning, proactive project and account management, and the ability to facilitate and mediate conversation to ensure all voices are heard.

This can make the process of articulating expertise “slow and messy”, says Marcus – which is why he values having an expert team walking them through it, including bringing challenges where it’s needed.

“RH&Co are prepared to engage in a debate. It’s not ‘Marcus, if this is what you want, here it is’ or ‘No Marcus, this is what we wrote so this is what it is’, it’s ‘Okay, let’s talk about it.’ That’s what I like, it’s that ability to engage in a discussion. It’s very collaborative.”

“When it comes to choosing an agency, don’t underestimate the basics – availability, willingness, positivity – all of which RH&Co bring. Of course the quality of the work is excellent, I expect that, but it’s the quality of the relationship that stands out even more.”

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