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Enabling PSI Mobile to engage a highly specific audience

Industry: Tech, telecom and utility sales software

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Case study, blogging, supporting email and social copy


Boost engagement on LinkedIn and click through to the website


Increased CTR above industry standards

61% of visitors scrolled at least 50% of the 1,000+ word case study

50% of visitors reached the bottom of the page

PSI Mobile – helping sales companies to provide best in class customer experiences

PSI Mobile is a software company that has been delivering innovative end-user experience solutions to utility and telecom companies for over 14 years. 

Founded in the early 2000s in Dublin, Ireland, PSI now operates in over 40 countries worldwide. As they’ve grown, they’ve come to partner with the likes of Vodafone, Ogi and Unicef.

Since we began working with PSI in 2022, our content expertise has played a key role in boosting engagement with a highly specific audience and providing crucial click-throughs to their website. Here’s how we did it.

“Our industry is relatively complex, and your team just gets it.”

– David Costello, CEO of PSI Mobile

The problem

Proving the value of a complex product

PSI’s technology is not a simple SaaS product. Sales cycles are long, and the results for clients are nuanced and multifaceted. 

They needed more than one-line testimonials to bring PSI software’s benefits to life, and this meant it was all the more important for PSI to publish content and case studies as social proof of their software’s value. 

When Sarah Roberts started as Commercial Manager at PSI, she was keen to start promoting client use cases and started with one that was already half assembled, consisting of a spread of lengthy interviews with developers, clients and stakeholders. 

For a while these had been bouncing around between different people – internal and external. And with so many contributing to what the case study should be, the heart of their story was getting lost, and the social proof of their product remained unpublished.

No obvious in-house or outsourced answer

“The problem was no one was an expert in this area, so no one could take the reins,” says Sarah. “I’d sit there for an hour trying to write a LinkedIn post, getting stressed out and wondering: is this right?”

It wasn’t easy to identify a way to outsource the problem either. CEO of PSI, David Costello, had worked with external people before, but kept hitting a wall. “The results we were getting were opaque and not really what we are about,” he says.

That all changed when Rin Hamburgh & Co came on board. Although PSI’s experiences had given them reason to be cautious with agencies, Sarah had worked with us while representing another client, and she was already confident we were the right team for the job.

The solution

Gathering insight and creating clarity

PSI needed some top of funnel content that could supercharge their brand awareness, starting with a revamp of one of their case studies, as well as a tactical campaign that would drive traffic to the case study using blog posts, social and email copy.

The interviews for the case study were already complete, so we got to grips with what PSI had done to date. We found the links between disjointed information and interviews and gave the whole piece a structure, a consistent narrative, and just the right amount of choice detail to sustain reader interest for 1,000 words.

The results

Increased click-throughs and reader engagement

PSI found that their awareness journey yielded great results. Stats on Hotjar, which gives a heatmap of end-user activity to help you understand how people really experience your site, showed some promising results. 

From the case study we wrote for PSI, 61% of users reached the ‘Solution’ section of the page, meaning they scrolled at least 50% of the way down the 1,000 word article, while a full 50% of visitors reached the ‘Outcomes’ section at the end of the article.

The associated Linkedin posts also generated click through rates of 0.65-0.77%,  significantly above the bar of industry standards.“Our audience is so specific, so any click-throughs for us are such a win,” says Sarah. 

Following this initial success, we have gone on to help PSI with content strategy and more campaigns – including a major download, a video script, and further case studies, all supported by ongoing blogging and social copy.

“Our audience is so specific so any click-throughs for us are such a win.”

– Sarah Roberts, Commercial Manager at PSI Mobile

A seamless journey to the outcomes PSI needed

“You guys understood the essence of what we do, and added in extra expertise that we didn’t have,” says David. “Our industry is relatively complex, and your team just gets it.”

Sarah adds, “Nothing ever seems to be a problem for your team. And you’re not afraid to give your unbiased opinion.”

We worked collaboratively to figure out how we could get everything complete in a realistic timeframe for everyone involved – which Sarah and David note was one of the best things about working with us. 

“When we engage in a piece of content with you, the interaction is very much to the point,” says David. “Sometimes we’d be trying to articulate something internally, but getting you involved meant that you could work your magic on it, and save us loads of time.”

“Getting involved with a team that provides creative, project management, strategy and consistent comms in one neat package,” says Sarah. “That was really rewarding.”

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