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Consistency creates trust. Trust builds loyalty. Loyalty drives revenue. Lay the foundations of your brand with a distinct brand voice and clear messaging that resonates with your audience.

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Create a distinct verbal identity

You wouldn’t dream of letting your content creators pick colours, fonts and imagery on a whim, would you? So why give them free reign with the words they use to represent your brand?

Creating clear brand voice guidelines shortcuts the briefing process, streamlines writing and editing, and ensures the end result hits the spot.

Why invest in brand voice and messaging?


Articulate everything from your brand values and personality to the specifics of vocabulary.


Stand out and set yourself apart from your competitors, even within a crowded marketplace.


Across all marketing channels, no matter how many people are contributing to your content.


Share internally and externally with your marketing or comms team, PR or marketing agency.


Content creators will get it right with fewer drafts and less need for management of the process.


By focusing on your audience’s needs, your copy is far more likely to create the desired results

How we articulate your brand

Who are you?

Using a series of practical, interactive workshops, we’ll draw out the information we need to create brand voice guidelines and a messaging framework you’ll recognise as authentically you.

Who is your audience?

We’ll dig deep into your customer or client personas, helping you see your offering through their eyes and discover more about what they need to know, think and feel before they buy.

Choosing the right words

This is where we drill down into the detail, using tried-and-tested exercises to help you make choices about everything from the right level of formality to the specifics of vocabulary.

What you’ll get

As well as bringing key stakeholders together for the kind of open and honest brand discussion you may never have had before, you’ll end up with two tangible and invaluable resources.


Brand voice guidelines

This foundational document is a distillation of everything we will cover in your workshops, shortcutting the onboarding process for anyone who creates copy for your brand.

It will include:

  • Descriptive content pillars that showcase your brand personality
  • Real life examples of what to write and what not to write
  • Guidelines on how to use industry specific or compliance-led language
  • A detailed style guide to create consistency in formatting

Bespoke messaging copy

No two brands are the same, and the same goes for messaging. We don’t template this stuff. Instead, you’ll get handpicked words that work for your business.

Your content could include:

  • Customer, client and / or employer value proposition statements
  • A new strapline for your brand
  • Product, service or tier names
  • Flexible phrasing to use across your marketing communications

“The workshops were engaging and the provided copy was well received by the client”

“We worked with RH&Co on the rebrand of a sustainable nappy company. The workshops were engaging and the provided copy was well received by the client. There was a great rapport with the clients, who have expressed how much they enjoyed working with the RH&Co team.”

– Bryony Finch, Senior Account Manager, Mammal

Build your brand on strong foundations

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