Copywriting for the tech industry

Whether you’re talking to investors, early adopters or the wider public, communicating your value proposition succinctly is essential in the fast moving tech industry. And if you’re going to protect yourself against the next generation of disruptors, you need to establish an expert reputation that can’t be dented.

Communication challenges in the tech industry

Whether you’re looking for Seed funding for your MVP or you’ve established market fit and you’re ready to scale it up, there are challenges that face all tech businesses.


Your technology might be complicated but the way you communicate its benefits has to be clear.


When your industry is moving at the speed of light, your comms need to hit the ground running.


Breaking new ground exponentially increases the pressure to define and defend your position.

How we help

Clarify and communicate your message

Drive home what matters so CIOs, CTOs and non-technical stakeholders recognise your value right away.

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How we help

Brand your brand authority with content

Unlock the expertise in your business to create valuable content that builds a solid brand foundation.

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“The RH&Co team quickly took on board what we do and how it helps our customers add value”

“We’re in a complex and technical industry. With no prior experience of our expertise, the RH&Co team quickly took on board what we do and how it helps our customers add value.”

– Vaq Hussain, Marketing Manager, Actual Experience

How can we help you?

Each of our core services below is available as a standalone, or we can build a custom package to suit your needs, including add-on services to help you make the most of your investment.

Brand voice guidelines

An essential tool to create consistency across all of your communications and allow content creators to hit the ground running.

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Messaging development

Clarify what you want to say in a way that will resonate with your audience, influencing attitudes and driving positive action.

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Website copy

Your website is your 24-7 digital brand advocate, so make sure it works hard for you with every subhead, paragraph and CTA.

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Unlock the subject matter expertise within your business to create value-led content that attracts, engages and converts.

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White papers

Level up your content game with deep dive research papers that position your business as an authority in your target space.

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Case studies

Strengthen your proposition with social proof in the form of detailed case studies, packed with real life data and testimonials.

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