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Create a toolbox of resources to boost your sales team’s results, from qualifying leads to overcoming objections, and win more of the right kind of customer or client.

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Our practical blogging framework

We’ve designed the RH&Co blogging framework to help you map out your customer or client journey, identifying the types of blog content that will move prospects towards doing business with you – or keep them away if they’re a bad fit.

If they’re struggling with a problem, we’ll help them understand what solutions are available. If they’re trying to work out which solution is the best fit, we’ll give them the right guidance. And if they’ve got an objection? Well, we’ll just help them overcome it.

How blogging supports the sales process

Get attention from the right prospects

Your sales team has limited time, so they don’t want to waste it on people who just aren’t a good fit for your business. The right blog content can create a filter that not only attracts the right opportunities but puts off the wrong ones.

Move leads through the sales funnel

There’s no point trying to close a deal when your prospect hasn’t even understood their problem fully. By creating a strategic blogging plan, we can move people through the buyer journey at a pace that suits them, ensuring better qualified leads reach your sales team.

Support your sales team to convert

Most sales teams spend a lot of time having the same conversations, from explaining processes and pricing to overcoming objections. Sales-focused blog posts give them something they can share to support these conversations – and leave a lasting impression.

Helping your blog perform better

For your blog to deliver results, you need to do two things: get people to read it, and then get them to take action. Our content add-on services include:

Social copy

Increase the reach of your blog using your social network.


Deliver your blog directly to your subscribers via their inbox.

Lead magnets

Build your database by adding more value for your audience.

“The RH&Co team have been amazing”

“The RH&Co team have been amazing. They have consistently produced fantastic content. All of our clients and partners have been very happy.”

– Tom Dewhurst, Co-founder, Growth Division

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