LXS Consulting: Brand messaging and website

Helping specialist IT consultancy LXS to define their brand identity and core website content

Industry: IT transformation and managed services, telecoms

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Brand messaging, website copy


Clarify LXS’s core messages, and create new web copy that would communicate these messages to their existing audience of alt-nets as well as a growing audience of telecom giants like Three and Virgin Media.


Messaging that distinguishes LXS from competitors, web copy that supports new business direction.

LXS – Taking aim at precise systems change

LXS Consulting is a specialist consulting team that architects, designs and delivers IT transformation and services for the telecom industry.

With over 10 years behind them, the brand is working across the UK with rising alt-net brands such as Ogi and Giganet, as well as long established telecoms like Virgin Media, Virgin Mobile and Three.

Partway through 2023, LXS realised it was time to refresh their brand to reflect their established team and growing ambitions – and their website, as the centre of their online presence, would need a complete rewrite.

“The RH&Co team were an instrumental part of defining how our brand messaging lands with our audience today…

Their work has helped us re-engage with our existing clients and drawn in fresh interest from potential clients in our specialist industry and achieve our ambitions as a company.”

– Nathan Spilstead, Managing Director, LXS Consulting

The challenge

LXS Consulting operates in a niche field with a limited market, with few competitors except for consultancy giants.

As such, a key challenge was to present the LXS team as clear authorities in their field, a specialist team that could be relied upon to handle complexity in a crisis, and that would be a first choice over more recognisable PLC firms.

LXS’s complex and potentially intangible service offering also needed to be presented in such a way that its value could be understood at a glance – and understood by a variety of decision makers, from the CTOs of alt-nets to the procurement teams of long established companies.


The solution

To begin with, we sat down for an afternoon with the LXS core team and gradually unpacked LXS’s history, values, USPs, and business objectives. 

The aim was to rework the brand from the ground up, so we asked questions as if we were working with a blank canvas, getting beneath the surface of how the LXS team would usually describe themselves. 

“Over the course of the discussion, we found new ways of articulating our differentiators,” says Nathan. “The RH&Co team then went away and defined the refined core messages of our brand. It was clear even from those initial ideas that the team understood who we were and what mattered to our audience.”

After defining the key messages, we worked together with The Discourse to translate this brand narrative into a website structure. We handled the words while they handled the design, working as a team to deliver the client’s objectives. 


The results

The brand refresh and website launch was a big success for LXS, helping to establish a strong brand identity for their technical consultancy work, and providing their team with clear, convincing messages that helped to land them new work.

“The scope of the work evolved during the writing process, it was a fast turnaround from our initial discussions to the launch of our new site.” says Nathan. “We’re really happy with the final outcome and the process that got us there.”


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