"64% of companies rate email marketing as their most successful channel"

Why use email marketing?

Email marketing is one of the trickiest forms of copywriting to get right - it’s all too easy for your message to end up in in the trash. 

But do it properly and it can be a really cost effective way to:

  • Inform people about new products, services and special offers
  • Boost the readership of your blog
  • Drive traffic to your website
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Promote customer loyalty

How to stop them pressing delete

According to MailChimp, email marketing campaigns have an average open rate of between 20% and 25%, and a click through rate of less than 3%. 

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t bother with them, just that you need to know how to make sure your email actually gets read and acted upon, which is something we’ve spent a long time working out how to do.

It all starts with a great subject line, one that your customers just can’t ignore and which avoids triggering the spam filter (too many capitals and exclamation marks are a killer). Then you need to make sure there’s some excellent teaser content in there, with a strong call to action to encourage all those click throughs. Layout and imaging are important too.

Oh, and you need to make sure that spelling, punctuation and grammar are top notch, or you’re just going to look unprofessional.


How we can help

Our team of professional journalists and copywriters are experienced in delivering messages that people want to read. We know what stands out to a potential customer in a crowded inbox and what’s more, we know how to write it.

When we’re creating a email campaign, we begin by determining the right tone of voice for your audience. The words you use play a big part in whether or not someone clicks on your email: we’ll help you to relate to them, speak their language and get on their radar.

You’ll need a strong call of action for every email – a statement that deserves to be clicked, that readers can’t resist. After we’ve zoned in on the most compelling message for your audience, we’ll get to work crafting an irresistible email that reminds your existing customers why you’re the best and intrigues your target clients to find out more.


What now?

Our process usually works like this:

  • During an initial meeting, Skype or phone call, we’ll discuss your business goals and email marketing requirements before quoting you a fair price for the job.
  • Once you’ve decided to go ahead, we’ll have a more in-depth briefing to gather the information we require to create a strategy for your email campaign, from the clients you’re aiming at to the key messages your emails need to convey.
  • Our team – all of whom are professionally trained journalists and copywriters – can then deliver as much email content as you need, with each message crafted to stand out in a busy inbox and pique the interest of the people on your mailing list.
  • After your feedback, we will make any necessary amends and present you with the final copy.


We’ll make sure your target customers get the message – drop us a line today to get started.

I often find myself sitting in front of the computer knowing what to say but not how to say it. Rin and her team have a way of capturing exactly what we need to convey in the perfect tone of voice. I have complete confidence and trust that Rin will say what we need to say perfectly and better than we could ourselves... every time... without fail.
— Suzi Hull, Hullo Creative Ltd