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How we helped Addland generate acquisitions to fuel fast business growth

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To attract paying subscribers to Addland’s platform

To establish Addland as a valuable resource hub


Over 150,000 impressions in Google and 7,000 clicks to the website within six months of launch

Addland – the destination for land

Addland is a platform that makes it easy to find, research, buy or sell land. Any land. It’s the destination for anything from farms to smallholdings, building plots and woodland.

The team behind the platform hit the ground running with Addland’s beta launch in 2021. They had already secured the portfolios of some of the UK’s leading land agents, including Savills, and the platform was primed for new users.

Over the course of the next 12 months hundreds more agents joined, the team exploded in size, and more than 2,000 users signed up to a paid Addland membership.

Much of this success is down to the power of the platform and the strength of the team, propelled by an effective digital marketing strategy. Here’s how Rin Hamburgh & Co played a part.

“Some of the articles are doing very, very well. Some of them are ranking top of Google.”

– Berian Reed, Head of Digital Marketing

The challenge

A premium platform awaiting users

Just before the beta launch, the Addland team knew they had an enticing offering and some great partners on board, but they still needed to be able to drive users to their site. The platform was filled with sellers – now they needed buyers.

To do this they worked with Growth Division to identify which marketing channels could bring users in fast and build demand. SEO-optimised blog content, delivered by RH&Co, would be a key part of this.


Making Addland a destination for land

Addland also wanted to establish the brand as a resource hub. A central value for Addland is to make it easy to research land. The team was already achieving this through the platform’s functions, but they wanted to reinforce this by offering a number of helpful, high quality resources and guides.

“Without quality resources, Addland would just be a transactional platform,” says Berian. “We want to be more than that. We want to be a destination.”


Resources to support the whole marketing funnel

“At the start we had no in-house resource for content at all,” says Berian, Addland’s Head of Digital Marketing. “So we needed to find people that we could trust to do a great job, and who could work with SEO tech.”

These guides would be primarily designed to drive traffic to the Addland site but it was important for them to be great resources in their own right.

“The objective was to grow our audience and also to support that audience throughout the marketing funnel we were creating,” says Berian. “So whether you’re looking to buy a farm today, or you’re just considering it, we can speak to you.


The solution

A slick, SEO content machine


Addland already had the expertise to devise an effective SEO strategy. Now they needed resources that executed on it.

“There are endless agencies that offer copywriting services but we didn’t need copy for copy’s sake,” says Berian. “For us it’s an acquisition channel, so we needed people who had that digital marketing understanding.”


To create SEO targeted briefs, we used Frase, an SEO technology that looks after the keywords so writers can get on with the business of writing great copy. By doing so, we were able to create original guides to all kinds of land issues from smallholdings to stamp duty land tax and planting a forest.


“The RH&Co team was really adaptable in the way they worked with us,” says Berian. “After we gave feedback on the first two or three articles they created, everything was hands off. We could just deliver each brief and get an article back without issue. We published 20 resources like this, and the majority of them had no kind of overhead. It was slick.”

The outcome

Ranking high for click throughs

“You never know exact results with SEO but some of the articles are doing very, very well,” says Berian. “Some of them are ranking top of Google, and the others have just need some technical SEO woven in from our side, there’s nothing that needs changing with the copy.”

Six months after launch, the content we produced delivered over 150,000 impressions in Google and 7,000 clicks to the website.


Set up to fly

Like many early stage startups, Addland took their content creation in-house once their product had taken off and achieved a high enough altitude.

“The idea was to grow very quickly and eventually get the budget to hire in-house,” says Berian. “RH&Co helped us at the start to establish a really good site section that could help anyone in our market.”


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