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How we cut through the complexity to help Actual Experience equip their enterprise partners to sell on their behalf

Actual Experience is a B2B tech business providing human experience management services for service providers and their enterprise clients. Actual Experience’s unique analytics capabilities pinpoint where within the digital ecosystem the causes of variability and poor experience are, enabling prioritised and evidence-based investment for digital leaders.

The challenge

Although their offering is distinct, because the concept of human experience isn’t always well defined or understood, distinguishing themselves from their competitors is a key challenge in all of Actual Experience’s marketing activity. Earlier this year they decided to refresh their content strategy and came to us to help them strengthen their position as experts within the human experience space.

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The white paper

After submitting a proposal with a number of possible content options, we agreed to create a white paper based on interviews with their technical experts as well as further secondary research. The project also involved repurposing some of the white paper content into a series of blog posts designed to attract readers to download the full report.

“We’re in a complex and technical industry. With no prior experience of our expertise, Rin and her team quickly took on board what we do”

– Vaq Hussain, Marketing Manager, Actual Experience

The result

After the brief creation and interview stages, we were able to quickly deliver a white paper and associated blog post for Actual Experience, including updating the narrative in response to the COVID19 crisis, which kicked off just as the project was starting.

“The process of developing a white paper with Rin and her team was simple and painless,” says Vaq. “They delivered a really fast turnaround following interviews and research, and the final piece required minimal amends.


“I would say Rin Hamburgh & Co’s strengths are not just in their writing. Rin and her team are excellent listeners. Finding the important details in what we were telling them, understanding the relevance to our audience and converting it to a usable content piece is what impressed me the most.”


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