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“Working with Rin Hamburgh & Co is so easy and well-organised.”

TPC Leadership is a global coaching, consulting and leadership company. Established almost 20 years ago, they work with organisations and individuals in countries including the UK, Australia, UAE, Brazil, China and the USA.

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The Challenge

TPCL had been publishing a blog for a number of years but with little in the way of strategy or direction. The contributors included a mix of TPCL’s associates and coaches and the subjects they wrote about were decided on an ad hoc basis.

When associate partner Vicky Ferrier took ownership of this aspect of the organisation’s marketing, her goal was to create a strong brand voice that would lead the blog, with guest posts supplementing this core content strand.

“I didn’t want it to be my voice that was writing TPCL’s copy,” she says. “I wanted to have an opportunity to have my voice and then have TPCL’s voice as something distinct but I didn’t have the skill to be able to create that new voice myself.”


The Blog

We began our work with TPCL with a discovery session to establish everything from the brand’s values and personality to their target audience and ultimate goals. From this we were able to develop an editorial calendar of targeted blog post titles.

Over the last year we have been delivering two posts each month, with regular briefing sessions as well as strategy updates to keep the project on track.

“In the past there was no coherence, no strategy, no alignment on topics,” says Vicky. “When we created our manifesto I was very clear that we needed to create content to bring that manifesto to life and that’s exactly what the blog does.”

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The Result

The TPCL blog is now cohesive and follows a clear strategy that supports the organisation’s manifesto. It is generating positive engagement on social media and Vicky believes it has contributed to an increase in leads.

“Working with Rin Hamburgh & Co is so easy and well organised,” she says. “We speak regularly, discuss ideas, I send over a pile of relevant stuff like books and articles and not long after, out pops a batch of concise, well written and engaging blog posts, which all sound and feel the same.

“The posts always get lots of likes when we share them on LinkedIn and we’ve definitely been getting more inbound leads over the last few months, and the only thing we’re doing differently is using Rin Hamburgh & Co to write the blog.”

The blog is cohesive now, the quality is undoubtedly better and it’s more consistent. I trust that the title is going to catch people’s eye, the length of it is going to be right - I don’t have to worry about those things. It takes the guesswork out of it. I would definitely hire Rin Hamburgh & Co again and I’d love to do more with them.
— Vicky Ferrier, TPC Leadership

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