Rachel Mason: IPSE Awards Pitch


“Rin was so calm and kind that I instantly felt it was going to be ok.”

Rachel is an award-winning songwriter, singing teacher, performer and international vocal judge. She was also a judge on Sky One Television's National Television Award nominated series, Sing: Ultimate A Cappella.

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The Challenge

When Rachel was shortlisted for the IPSE Freelancer of the Year Award, she was asked to travel to London to present a pitch to a panel of judges. Unsure how to summarise a long and varied career into just five minutes, she came to us for help.

“I’d started to do it my own, and then I restarted it and restarted it,” she says. “I just got to the point where I didn’t know what to say - my career is so broad, 5 minutes wasn’t enough. I realised I just need someone who knows how to do it.”


The Pitch

Rin used her journalistic background to interview Rachel, drawing out not only the facts of her career but also accolades and anecdotes that would demonstrate her skill, tick the award criteria and engage the judges with a story.

We then shaped an outline, with a clear opening and closing statement and key phrases to use throughout. This gave Rachel a framework to speak to, while allowing her to sound natural and not like she was following a rigid script.

“During the interview I felt so relaxed,” says Rachel. “Rin was so calm and kind that I instantly felt it was going to be ok.”

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The Result

Rachel delivered her pitch with confidence and says that not having to do it herself gave her more time to think about how she’d answer the judges’ Q&A questions - something the other candidates admitted they’d struggled with.

Two weeks after the pitch she attended the awards ceremony and found out that she had been named IPSE’s Freelancer of the Year.

“The judges loved it!” she says. “They laughed at all the right bits, like when I talked about getting the phone call from Sky and being in joggers covered in baby sick.

“I assumed that they would take ages to make a decision about the winner but after the awards one of the judges told me, ‘The second you left the room we all just said, ‘It’s Rachel!’

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