Kyero: Brand Voice Guidelines


“What Rin delivered is so much better than we could have hoped for.”

Kyero is an online property portal connecting international buyers with Spanish estate agents. Established in 2003, it has three founding directors and a staff of around 25.

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The Challenge

With multiple parties - both internal and external - contributing to Kyero’s written content, marketing manager Jade Wicks was concerned that the brand messaging was being diluted.

“As a rapidly growing business with big ambitions, I knew that having a consistent tone of voice was going to be essential for building a global brand. To achieve this, first and foremost we needed to all agree - at director level - on who Kyero is as a brand, and from this create a guide which could be accessed by everyone in the company.”


The Workshop

Founding director Martin Dell was surprised by a lot of the information that came out of the workshop session, especially relating to how the the other directors saw the business.

“As founders we can be guilty of not communicating enough between ourselves - we assume we all know what’s in each others heads. It’s not until we have a structured way to get together and share thoughts and ideas that we get to surface some of that stuff that we assume is obvious and everyone knows. So it was interesting to realise what we agree on and where we see things differently.

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Also, it was fun! We’ve had other experts in to lead us through a process and it’s been dull as ditch water. Whereas what Rin had us do was actually enjoyable as well as useful.
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The Result

The brand voice document has since been presented to the rest of the team. It is consulted as part of the all major projects and is being used as a reference guide when creating content, by both external contractors and employees.

It’s had other unexpected benefits too, according to Martin: “We’ve doubled in size this year, and when somebody joins us now we show them that document. So it’s a brilliant on-boarding tool as well, because it captures everything that we are.”


The Conclusion

Jade says: “As well as ensuring that all communications are unified, getting Rin in to do our brand tone of voice guidelines has also been the impetus for other forms of documentation and structure throughout the organisation. I think every organisation needs this - it’s absolutely essential. I would recommend it without question.”

Martin says: “What Rin delivered is so much better than we could have hoped for. If you’re wondering if this is for you and whether there’s any value in it, there’s a really good chance it’s going to be more value than you think.”

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