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How to persuade people without them noticing

As a child, I used to love trying to persuade people. My tactic was to come at them from every angle I could think of, relentlessly, until my dad raised my pocket money or …

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How to share one piece of content 11 ways

If you’ve invested time or money in creating a piece of content, it makes sense to use it in as many different ways as possible, to get the most value from it.

Repurposing content in different forms also means you’ll catch a larger audience, because everyone has a different way they like to consume information, whether that’s visually, through written word, video etc.

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What are you subconsciously telling your clients?

The way you talk about yourself and your business has a huge effect on the impression you give. It’s not just about what you say - the words you use can subtly influence how people view you. For example…

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How to set content marketing goals so you don’t quit before you succeed

Creating marketing content for your business can be depressing. You spend hours and hours thinking up great ideas, finding the exact right words to express them, perfecting your brand voice… and then, what?

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