#RosiesRoundup - The finger on the pulse edition

Ingrid Smejkal joins Rin Hamburgh & Co Copywriting Agency as Sales and Marketing Assistant

There’s something about September that makes you feel all new pencil case-y, however old you are. I feel like after the summer juggle it is time to get back into what’s on, what’s up and - as Nessa from Gavin and Stacey would say - what’s occurring, so here’s my little run down. 

Our girl about town resident socialite Ingrid has been out and about with the movers and shakers of Bristol this month. Last week she was dining at Harvey Nics (darling) with EVO networking and this week she started as she meant to continue with LinkedIn Local at The Old Vic on Monday. She’s got lots more in the diary for October so be sure to say hello if you see her out and about.

Whilst Ingrid is keeping up with what’s going down face to face, I’ve been staying up to date in a more virtual sense. If you’re looking to disappear for a few hours into an internet black hole then check out Trend Hunter. This reminds me of when I get the Lakeland catalogue delivered and end up pondering whether or not I need something to remove dust from between Venetian blinds… despite the fact that I don’t actually have Venetian blinds. Who knew there were trends about adventure recording eyewear and flavoured chicken wings? See also Google Trends - who is Googling what and where. You know you’re going to click straight on these links now don’t you…

Regarding retail

The other thing that has kept pinging up in my various social media feeds as a trend is retail related. It would be easy to think that this area is all doom and gloom at the moment but I was really interested in some articles on the maybetech.com blog. In particular this one on using social media strategy when you don’t have an online purchase point. A great case study on the power of using words and content to focus on the concerns and interests of your customer plus all the SEO positives.

The retail theme continues when it comes to podcasts. It feels like every week there is a new one popping up and simply not enough hours in the day to listen. This article from Econsultancy shares why. It should be part of every brand strategy so get ready, there will be more coming our way. And it doesn’t just apply to big business - see our blog post on repurposing your blog posts as podcasts and jump on board this trend bandwagon with minimal effort (and without needing to hire in a Love Island contestant).

UGC trends

The other pie that you need to have your finger in - particularly as we gallivant into party season (it’s way too early to use any festive words even though you can already buy mince pies in the shops) - is UGC or user generated content. As consumers of social media and indeed media in general become ever more cynical, we’re a lot less willing to be manipulated. And it’s not just about politicians. 

With the ASA (advertising standards authority) putting more pressure on influencers to declare their #gifted and #ad wares we have moved through micro influencer to something called nano influencer - those with just a 1000 or so followers, who have massive appeal to small and niche brands. For these businesses, getting users to share pics on Insta of them wearing/drinking/using their products etc. can be incredibly powerful and there is more coming at you - it’s just that now you’ll know it when you see it.

Wow, there’s a real information overload feeling as I finish this blog. If you’re beginning to feel overwhelmed - coupled with a vibe of rainy day / back to school virus - then might I suggest 40 winks with a Spacemask and a follow of their creator Harriet on Instagram at @spacemasks. This lady’s honest, refreshing and downright hilarious insta stories never fail to perk me up - rather like her products. See you after my power nap!

If you’d like to discuss a copy project with us, drop us a line on talktous@rin-hamburgh.co.uk or call us on 01179 902 690 - we’re always here to help.


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