How to write about the same thing over and over without anyone getting bored

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Our #WriterInResidence, Sam Whitlock, looks at how to keep your content interesting when you’re dealing with the same sorts of subjects on a daily basis.

Once upon a time if people were bored they might have allowed themselves to feel the sensation for a while. These days if people are bored they just open another tab. And so making a website successful has become all about the art of reducing your bounce rate.

If the internet has a hitchhiker’s style survival guide, the words Don’t be boring might be printed on the cover in highly noticeable font. Alongside that might feature the phrase Keep creating content. So how do you keep these two 101s in tandem?

Look at it another way

There’s always another angle. We’ve blogged about blogging so much that you might need a mathematician to count the posts. From 3 ways a blog will improve your website’s SEO, to How we get so many eyes on our blog posts, and not forgetting Why blogging should be the heartbeat of your content marketing strategy.

In a way, this very blog post is another angle on the same topic (we just don’t have ‘blog’ in the title). A topic may seem like a one-sided object but a circle can still be divided infinite ways. By being specific about the angles you focus on, you can get a lot more out of a subject.

Write for different user personas

Who lands on your website? Most companies have more than one ideal consumer so you should be creating content that appeals to their different interests. A one-size-fits-all dating agency could create content forever based upon the different ages of users and the different perspectives users have of how this love thing works.

Since most people don’t arrive on seeking a soul mate (or maybe it’s in the back of their mind), we give content planning advice instead. Hopefully you’re not disappointed.

Focus on damn good writing

A company can talk about every topic under the online sun and still inspire boredom. But if Stephen Fry is talking about, I don’t know, the colour blue for days on end, your attention may be spellbound.

The newness of the topic is rarely the issue. If your posts are relevant to your audience and written by those who know how, you’ve got a winning combo.

Remember short is still sweet

If your aim is to write 10,000 words on a topic you either need a fascinating topic or an extremely interesting angle. The joy of online content creation is often the espresso serving it comes in.

You don’t need to maintain user-attention for long, only for long enough. User-content should swoop in like an information ninja, spin a few how-to throwing stars and then vanish into the ever-stylish night. There’s a place for in-depth educational pieces, but you don’t need to pull those out of the bag every time you write about your construction brand’s unique concrete mix.

Keep telling stories

Life is not static. In business things happen all the time that you can draw on. For instance, just a few weeks back we shared 5 powerful insights from the B2B Marketing Ignite conference in which Rin shared her hot-of-the-press reactions to the event.

This doesn’t mean your blogs need to draw on the personal if that’s not appropriate for the brand. The latest news and research related to your field can give you multiple launch points for content. Or failing that, the time of year. While you don’t want to jump on every ‘National Day’ bandwagon going, if a new school year or an annual sporting event are relevant to your themes they may lend a new narrative to a familiar topic.

If you’d like a little extra help with content strategy, check out what we can offer you in content creation, content consultancy and content training.


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