#RosiesRoundup: business tips from our Natwest desk buddies


A new era has begun for all of us at Rin Hamburgh & Co, all kicking off with an office move to Bristol’s Trinity Quay. We’re loving our new space with its waterside location, free coffees and cookies and most of all the carousel of new hot desk buddies. Our new home is courtesy of the Natwest Accelerator program and the fifth floor of the RBS building is a hive of entrepreneurial busy-ness. 

“Surround yourself with people who are going to lift you higher,” says Oprah and that really is the feeling you get as you walk through the doors into what we call the Hub. You honestly can’t queue up for the water machine without learning something new or making a great connection. Sharing is caring and all that, so I asked our new fellow ‘accelerees’ (if that’s not a word, it should be) what their top tips for business success were.

Implement seasonal marketing

Jo and I had chatted online before we met IRL, I was already salivating over Queen and Whippet’s mouthwatering photos of their stunning event catering. I’ve not met the other half of the duo Paul because his office is the kitchen, especially this time of year. The pair are currently rushed off their feet with weddings, summer parties and sourcing the most incredible local and seasonal ingredients which are a cornerstone of their offering.

Jo’s top tip is fabulous for businesses with key trading periods. She suggests getting through the crazy times by being aware of the annual cycles and implement marketing when potential clients are most likely to research your service. Also to pre-prepare and automate as much content as possible when you’re at your busiest.

Take small steps and regular breaks

Overwhelm can be a common feeling when you’re in start up mode which is why we love this tip from Grant Robertson of Shake and Speare, digital marketeers specialising in the construction sector. Grant suggests that whilst having long term goals is vital, setting yourself small, achievable and meaningful mini goals along the way enable you to get that feel good feeling of accomplishment.

Hannah Viney of Sycamore Communications, who offer PR and marketing support to the events industry, agrees and suggests that being kind to yourself along the way is key. She suggests treating yourself like an employee of the business which means making sure you take screen breaks, make time for exercise and so.

Build the right team

Heidi Ellert-McDermott from Speechy, an agency of professional speech writers and coaches, and George Hart of Tobooka, who help create unique experiences across the UK, agree on the importance of your team. For them #squadgoals are all about finding experts in the things you’re not good at, who will give you honest feedback and, as George says, most importantly fit your culture. 

Plan… but don’t fear failure

Get out your diary - paper or virtual - to avoid being a busy fool, says Lauren Chiren, founder of Women of a Certain Stage. As a specialist coach she offers support to businesses and individuals to help them navigate the ups and downs of the menopause. Lauren admits to having been there, done that and got distracted so now she religiously plans out her next 90 days.

Which leads me perfectly into my tip from Robert Hagen of East Bristol Bakery who says yes, it’s ok to fail - and if nobody has died it really isn’t that big a deal. 

Enjoy the ride

In a nutshell, working as the founder of or part of a start up team is a lot like riding a great big roller coaster. There is the excitement of getting new clients, the highs of winning awards (did we mention we were named Supply Chain Champion at the Small Awards this month??), a loop the loop of pitching and re-pitching, and sometimes a couple of surprise terrifying free fall drops and the odd water splash just when you think you’ve had a breakthrough.

Overall you feel the fear and do it anyway because being entrepreneurial is all about not knowing whats around the corner and loving it anyway.

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