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The post Christmas slump has kicked in and we’re edging to the end of a cold grey January, pondering whether that expensive new gym membership was worth it since we still seem to be no fitter (in fact, the last workout means it hurts to breathe).

Since the battle with Blue Monday is now over, it’s just a case of remembering the many, many passwords needed to actually pay our tax over the HMRC portal. Then we can focus on all things positive, fresh and springlike… I mean, there are hot cross buns and daffodils in the supermarket, so things are looking up.

I’m not much of a believer in resolutions but I do think the new year is a time to give yourself a bit of a gentle push, to set achievable goals and think where you’d like to be at the end of the year -  professionally and personally, as let’s face it there is a major overlap.

On the RH&Co team bookshelf

At Rin Hamburgh & Co we’re a mix of different types of people at different life stages and with different challenges. So we thought you might like to know what’s on our bedside tables this month when it comes to self development. You can come back and tell us in December whether or not we’ve changed!

Rin’s on a journey as a female entrepreneur (and we’re super excited to have a chance to brag that she has been listed as one of the f:entrepreneur #ialso Top 100 for 2019) so she loves a book that combines her passion for daring with a side order of leading with your heart. Her literary travel companion on her recent trip to Enterprise Nation’s #StartUp2019 in London was Brené Brown’s Dare to Lead.

Here’s one for brainiacs like our in-house writer Sam, who likes to ponder the world around him on a regular basis. His recommendation is You Talkin’ To Me: Rhetoric from Aristotle to Obama by Sam Leith, put simply it’s how rhetoric gives words power. Perfect if you or your business want to be more persuasive.

For Liz and I, our reading is less business focused and perhaps more about how we can interlace our complex lives better with our work. Most of you have never met Liz, she’s the force that keeps our business running quietly behind the scenes. And that’s just the way she likes it: on her own and quiet, hence her recommendation of Quiet: the power of introverts in a world that can’t stop talking by Susan Cain.

My recommendation is about organisation - both things and lives. How less can be more and why everything needs a place (if someone could get my family onboard with this that would be amazing!). An Edited Life by blogger Anna Newton comes complete with downloadable planning pages for everything from your wardrobe to your weekly shop. Genius.

What our friends are reading

Being out and about plus working day to day with clients means I get to meet and work with a whole bunch of people, all from different and interesting backgrounds. I’m naturally nosy about what makes people tick - it’s part of my job. So I asked some of the contacts I’ve chatted with and met in the last couple of weeks where the words came from that helped them be the person they are today.

For Jade Wicks at Doeth Marketing it’s about not limiting herself and instead taking a complete and holistic approach to work and life. Her pick is Susan Jeffer’s classic Feel the fear and do it anyway.

Some books can be life changing and that’s why Jenny at Jenny Stewart Photography told me I had to mention Goal mapping by Brian Mayne. Jenny was training to be a goal mapping practitioner until she realised that actually she was better suited to being a photographer!

Another visual creative genius, Luke Maitland of Animated Magic, says it was Shoe Dog by Nike founder Philip Knights that allowed him to realise that being successful is less about being perfect and more about having grit and being passionate. Always reassuring to know that the creator of Nike didn’t have a clue what he was doing and it didn’t hold him back!

Which leads me nicely into the recommendation from coaching guru Vicky Ferrier at TPC Leadership, which is Pema Chodron’s Comfortable with Uncertainty. Perfect for moments when you’re feeling a bit negative, like something is missing while also needing to let go, these are short readings based on the buddhist practice.

More self-development gems

I feel like I’ve almost covered something for everyone so my final recommendation is for your kids. We’ve mentioned Rin’s love of Prof Steve Peters’ Chimp Paradox in Rosie’s Roundup: the Book Club edition. For those of you who subscribe to that school of thought, I thoroughly recommend reading My Hidden Chimp with your small people. Great animation and stuff to chat through together. May your family of chimps be a little less PG Tips tea party after reading this!

Now I know not everyone loves a book. Perhaps you need to do some self development while you’re doing the ironing, for example. Don’t panic - Netflix can help. The new Marie Kondo Series comes highly recommended by our administrator Adele. Although my husband has actually banned me from watching this after I read the book and started chucking his stuff out because it didn’t bring me joy!

On a similar note, the entire team here are all big fans of Queer Eye - we’re waiting with baited breath for the next series. Both this and the Marie Kondo series offer life enhancement through the power of sorting stuff out, adopting a tidy-house-tidy-mind, and enjoying where you are and what you have. What’s not to like about that? Drink the wine, eat the cheese and be happy….it’s February the day after tomorrow!

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