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We’re on the home straight to Christmas now as we hurtle through the final few days of work in between attending multiple social events, panic buying gifts and looking for address books so we can actually post the Christmas cards. At Rin Hamburgh & Co HQ we are literally dotting the Is and crossing the Ts in our final editing processes before we close our doors for a week between Christmas and New Year.

Taking a break from the day to day work often means time to reflect… on the sofa and fuelled by Terry’s chocolate orange (because they definitely contain vitamin C right??). There will be a plethora of blogs and articles flooding our inbox and social feeds on trends for 2019 so whether you want to know about colour palettes or content marketing, there will be something for all.

Trends and tips

If you’re seeking a work excuse to escape a family gathering this week then here’s a couple worth reading. If you want to know what’s going to be hot in design in 2019, our friends at Hullo Creative have a brilliant blog on creative design trends. And the gurus at the Content Marketing Institute share more than 85 expert predictions for content marketing across the next 12 months.

Now I’m actually not one for New Years resolutions, but many of us will decide to make cut backs, tightening budgets to match tightening waistbands post-Christmas. So rather than make promises I can’t and won’t keep, I thought I’d share some thinking that landed in my LinkedIn inbox from Josh Hoffman, the productivity guru at Hack My Time: the easiest ways to build or break any habit.

Guilty pleasures

Of course I’m writing this in the week before Christmas and by the time you’ve got your feet up, we will be inundated with reviews of 2018 and crystal ball predictions for 2019. In the meantime I’m just going to leave this little gem from HubSpot here - the best 27 websites for wasting time on the internet - because it’s the week before Christmas and nothing says procrastination like gifs and Lego videos.

For those with kids I’m adding in Norad Santa  - this and a packet of haribo guarantees you hyper kids from lunchtime on Christmas Eve and a super early start on the big day.

And finally I want to thank all our blog readers, supporters and clients of Rin Hamburgh & Co for a wonderful year. For your social media comments, mentioning us to your friends and saying hello when you see us out and about. We’d like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas with your families, friends and loved ones. We look forward to smashing 2019 with you all.

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