Rosie's Roundup - Who is winning at content marketing?


It feels like we are easing from our Indian summer into all round festiveness. The pumpkins beat the chilly autumn mornings to it this year, Cadbury’s mini rolls are currently called bonfire logs and you can’t get your trolley around corners in the supermarket without nearly taking out a tower of Quality Street. Whether you’re on the high street or online we are being bombarded with marketing campaigns - this got us thinking at Rin Hamburgh & Co HQ on who we think is nailing it when it comes to content marketing campaigns and here’s our pick of the pops…. 

Every business needs a content marketing plan

It’s certainly easier for international power houses with big budgets to splash on new packaging or seasonal limited editions and for smaller B2C brands to go festive using an app to sprinkle cheer and snowflakes (Word Swag and Lumyer I’m looking at you). It can feel harder when you have a service or B2B product but you can still look at ways to tie your promotional activity to national awareness days and industry trends. It’s as simple as creating a plan across the year which touches all your different marketing tools - social platforms, your blog, networking events, trade shows, print and online advertising…you get the gist. 

National content marketing trailblazers

If you’re looking for inspiration when dealing with a more challenging topic then may I point you in the direction of Small Business Saturday - a grassroots non commercial campaign that encourages us to all shop local and support small independents. The highlight of their calendar is the first Saturday in December where last year their campaign lead to a whopping £748M spent on the day. They nail it is with a focused multi-touchpoint campaign in the 100 days running up to the big day - inspiring workshops which become youtube tutorials, a micro blogging campaign where they highlight a business of the day, cross platform social media campaign - 115K tweets with the hashtag #SmallBizSatUK with a reach of 115M and trending at number 1. Plus an editorial calendar of weekly blogging and newsletters and a face to face campaign both with small business owners but also local authorities with 87% of those in the UK actively supporting. It’s about delivering the same message at every touch point. 

Local heroes sharing a positive message

We love to celebrate our Bristol friends and so here’s a shout out to the amazing team at Mermaid in England Not only do Antonia and Natasha design and manufacture a gorgeous swimwear product that changes colour when it goes from dry to wet, they do it all with a community creating conscience. Tapping into the consumer movement for quality, craftsmanship and brand ethics wasn’t enough, they wanted to create an instagram community focused on body positivity. A number of phenomenal photoshoots followed where they celebrated women of all shapes, sizes and ethnicity, as well the beauty of imperfections. Mermaid in England created their own campaign hashtags as well as using a number of popular ones relating to the global movement of body acceptance. Super clever, I thought,  was to jump on the Love Island bandwagon with #LoveHandleIsland. The message is simple beautiful swimwear for every body. 

The power of a perfect hashtag

And sometimes it just happens from one tweet, in this case from actress Alyssa Milano - yep unless you’ve been under a rock all year you can hardly have failed to notice #MeToo. No money was spent (well other than I assume on lawyers) and there was no commercial gain behind it. Over a million uses globally in just 2 days: a true organic campaign that inspired many positive awareness initiatives and gained global media coverage.

Content marketing campaigns don’t have to be about big budgets, huge advertising campaigns and celebrity sponsorship. They take one small idea that is executed across a variety of touch points that talk to people and get people talking. You can jump on one that exists, roll with the seasonal trends or create your own, what matters is that you live it and that it resonates with your target customer. 

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