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In keeping with holiday times, this month’s Rosie’s Roundup is a mezze, smorgasbord and all-round tasting platter of screen and video-based bits and pieces the team and I are enjoying this month.

There’s nothing like a break away to give you some head space and even though you’re consciously uncoupled (thanks Gwyneth) from the ball and chain that is your laptop, it doesn’t mean that your mind isn’t engaged. Sometimes stepping away from the day-to-day can give you a moment of clarity or an idea. Alongside a good beach book more, and more people are enjoying a chance to browse LinkedIn video or watch a TED talk poolside.  

When it comes to TED Talks Derek Siver’s one on how to start a movement is just a brilliant illustration on courage, crazy dancing and being a lone nut. You won’t regret the three minutes of your life you spend watching this. Running a small business often means dealing with conflict too though, and this moving talk by Margaret Heffernen is an incredible insight into the power of not working in an echo chamber.

Motivational moments

Once I’d set off on a virtual deep dive into public speakers that got me feeling the need to air punch, I stumbled across the motivational goldmine that is commencement speeches on YouTube. These form part of graduations from schools and universities in the USA. We’ve all sat through talks at work, at educational establishments and at weddings - the ones that we remember are always the bad ones, but there are also those that have something that we remember years, even decades later.

Here are a couple from across the water that touched me (it doesn’t matter that I am 20 years older than the intended audience, the mantras within are powerful to those of us of all ages and life stages!). Admiral William H McRaven’s powerful address on why making your bed everyday is a success tool and Chief Justice John G Roberts on why you shouldn’t be afraid to fail. If you need to remind yourself of what’s important and why you want to succeed then these are for you - also great to watch with your family. I hope someone inspires my children one day like these unforgettable speakers.

Stories - real and imaginary

I know you’re probably shocked at the high brow stuff above. After all, last month I admitted to being a devoted Love Island fan. Now that it’s concluded (confession: I actually even paid for the app so I could keep up on holiday), I’ve had to search out other new guilty pleasures. Firstly here’s a shout out to those with families: Incredibles 2. Loved by the whole Rin Hamburgh & Co Team, and not just those of us with kids (I’m looking at you, Intern Sam!). The other team fave is Netflix’s Queer Eye - everyone needs to watch this and feel the warm glow. If you remember Trinny and Susannah, it’s this on steroids - you’ll be straight on Amazon to buy an AirFloss (Google it) and never leave home without a French tuck (Google it again)!

We’re big on storytelling and so we’re loving the latest series of Who do you think you are? The Boy George episode is my favourite so far. There is also nothing like watching other people with passion and tenacity to get you fired up - add in some overcoming adversity to the mix and you get BBC 2’s the Big Life Fix, in which some of the world’s most amazing product designers revolutionise the lives of people with life-limiting conditions. This programme shows people hurtling headlong into their frustrations yet coming out the other side having changed life beyond measure.

Get yourself outside

Since we are still being blessed with a very un-British summer, a few up-and-coming outdoor big screen shout outs. RUH’s Forever Friends appeal are hosting Movie by Moonlight on 1 September in Royal Victoria Park, Bath - it’s the Greatest Showman and I’m betting there is nothing like singing ‘A Million Dreams’  under the stars. Tickets on the gate - suggested donation £5. The Luna Cinemareturns to the Royal Crescent across September - I’m thinking of introducing my kids to Grease, though also loving the idea of Top Gun at Ashton Court. And there’s more at Bristol Zoo Gardens.

So there we go. If you’ve completed your beach reading list or if school holidays have you too exhausted to think about reading words then lie on the sofa/sunlounger, roll out your picnic blanket or (preferable to all school-age child carers currently in week four of 24/7 parenting) put on your noise-cancelling headphones, shut out the rest of the world and enjoy!

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