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So this is a blog about blogs - ha ha, now I’m totally winning at key words by writing that twice! But honest that’s not the aim of this month’s #RosiesRoundup. Instead I want to talk about the people and businesses out there that are nailing it. I think it’s super common for new bloggers or small businesses to feel the fear of the dreaded imposter syndrome when it comes to blogging and so this week’s post is to share my picks and why I think they’re getting it right.

Making things work is all about staying true to your brand tone of voice (so how your brand speaks to people, the type of language used and being consistent on this). When brands go off piste, it’s a bit like Teresa May suddenly speaking like Kanye West… that would just be weird and not feel genuine.

The front runner

Innocent are any branding gurus favourite - they’ve found their niche in the beverages world (and kept it even when they became part of an international portfolio). Whether they’re chatting about their sustainability goals or Eurovision, they always use fun, down-to-earth and friendly language. I’m not sure any other brand could get away with creating and using the term ‘planetty’ (even our #LiguisticsLiz will let them off for this grammar crime).

I know what you’re thinking: it’s so much easier if you’re a mega brand. Do you know what though? It doesn’t matter if your turnover is in millions or thousands - it’s about using the right words and creating content that is thoughtful and targeted when it comes to your audience. Right here in Bristol we think a couple of small but mighty brands are doing a fabulous job.

Based in Bristol

First shout out goes to Zoe at ...But the Books. Now I get a rash when I think about numbers, spreadsheets make me sweat and I am (thankfully for Rin Hamburgh &Co) nothing to do with the financial processing side of our business. This blog is written in a concise, fact heavy and most importantly non jargonised way. I love the way each blog opens with a question to the small business owner and then provides an answer.

I also love Kathryn King Designs blog - a great mix of content that answers questions potential customers may have about her products, how to wear them and how they’re made. I also love the focus on creating mini style guides for seasons, events and international awareness days. A great example of having a varied editorial calendar and going beyond just the products you sell to offer advice. I’ve never met Kathryn but, based on this blog, I really want to!

Industry experts

There are some blogs I use for industry insights and information. You already know that data makes me itch. So I like it when something that isn’t particularly fun is presented in a way that makes me want to read it rather than get up and make another cup of coffee or assume the brace position. Thank you Hubspot - I salute you for your quick read top picks blogs, your how to solve that niggling system issue solutions and your easy reads on big marketing words like blockchain. Also the blog archive is super easy to search if you’re looking for advice.

Fun and funner

So we’ve talked about brand blogs but I always like to share with you people, things and places that inspire me and so here’s my run down of bloggers that I think have a great way with words.

If you enjoy a bit of tongue in cheek, no holds barred honesty when it comes to clothes, parenting and lifestyle then head on over to journalist Esther Walker’s On the Spike. The whole Rin Hamburgh & Co team love the no-filter Selfish Mother blog too, with its not-at-all-precious focus on motherhood and for permission to feel that way you do. All posts are written by guest bloggers and simply shared by the team.

Finally my guilty pleasure is Buzzfeed (oh ok, and Love Island!) - celebrity gossip, crazy quizzes, random scary facts galore. If you’re looking to waste time down an internet rabbit warren head here.

Just a disclaimer - Rin Hamburgh & Co don’t write any of the blogs featured in this week’s round up, though we wish we did! That said we do love helping our clients with their blogs and editorial calendars so if you need us, just give us a shout!

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