Our top 5 best performing posts and what that tells us about blogging


Last week I talked about why blogging should be the heartbeat of your content marketing strategy. And I shared the fact that 38% of our weekly traffic comes through on a Wednesday, which is the day that our blog posts go live.

Something else I found really interesting in Liz’s report on our website traffic was which blog posts have performed the best. Looking at the top five, I think they actually tell us quite a lot about how a blogger can be successful in general.

#5) How to blog consistently in 2018

This is a classic ‘how to’ blog post, which is a format that is pretty much guaranteed to add value to your target audience if you choose well. In fact, three of our top five performing posts are how to features. Helping people achieve something that you’re an expert in - whether that’s how to make your B2B service business more visual or how to deal with being the only woman in a meeting - is always a good strategy.

Rather than talking vaguely about how to blog or how to blog better, the title addresses a clearly defined problem - i.e. our target audience’s struggle to blog with consistency. It was also timely, being the first post of the new year, so it caught people in ‘New Year’s Resolution’ mode when they might well be thinking about what they want to achieve in the coming year.

#4) 5 important business lessons I learned at Entrepreneurial Spark

Sharing personal experiences and allowing other people to learn and grow from them is a powerful way to add value. Having spent nine months on the Entrepreneurial Spark programme in Bristol, I knew that I had learned many important lessons that I wish I’d known earlier in my business life. So it was only to be expected that others would be interested too.

Also, name checking a specific programme meant I was able to tag them on social media, ensuring that they would repost and therefore widen the reach of our post. I made sure to share it with the ESpark Bristol alumni group on Facebook too, where I knew I would find an interested audience.

#3) How to write a 60 second elevator pitch

It can be tempting to only blog about subjects that directly relate to something that you sell. And it’s true that we write a lot about blogging and website content. But we’ve also spent time getting to know our clients and what their needs are and we know that a lot of them go networking. And that means they all need an elevator pitch.

Added to that, because pitching was such a massive part of the Entrepreneurial Spark journey, we could add genuine value by sharing the useful tips we’d learned on the programme. And again, we had a premade audience in the ESpark alumni, who could all reshare the post with their own audiences and further expand our reach.

#2) How to write great web copy

If you were struggling to write your own website copy, what would you type into Google? One of the reasons this blog post has performed well is that it addresses a problem that our target audience is struggling with, right in the moment that they need our business writing expertise.

This blog post is a good example of evergreen content, which means it maintains its relevance for a long time. So it’s the kind of post that will keep drawing more views long after it is posted, building on its success for months or even years.

#1) 3 tools that helped me transform my business

This title ticks a whole bunch of boxes, which is what makes it our number one most popular blog post. First it starts with a number, promising a quick read with a defined set of outcomes. It also contains an implied promise - that by reading the post you too can transform your business.

And finally, it is a behind the scenes glance, a personal insight from someone who has been there and done that. Everyone wants to know how other people have done it so there’s a natural element of curiosity driving this one. The fact that it has nothing to do with the services we offer is actually a bonus because there’s no hint at selling. This is pure value, all the way.

What’s your top performing post?

There will be other factors that affect the popularity of these posts, of course. For example, older posts have had longer to be found via organic search. And as we’ve expanded our reach on social, more recent posts have had a greater chance of getting viewed via our social feeds.

But there are valuable principles in these top performers that we will definitely be using to shape our upcoming content. After all, writing a blog doesn’t start with what you want to publish but what your audience wants to read.

Try looking over your analytics data and see what your top performing blog posts are, and then use these as a base for brainstorming ideas for the next few weeks and months.

How we can help

If you’re looking for a copywriting agency to help you create a top performing blog for your business, get in touch to discuss how insourcing a blogger from our team could help.

And if you’re keen on being your own blogger but want some professional help to develop your strategy and create an editorial calendar of quality, highly targeted blog post ideas, check out our Editorial Calendar package.


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