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“Everyone you will ever meet knows something you don’t.” That’s according to Bill Nye, the Science Guy (hello there, Big Bang Theory fans!). This week we’re introducing a new series in which Rosie will be doing the legwork for you and sharing some of the little gems she’s found interesting, useful and inspiring this month. Rosie is our secret weapon - she’s the most well read, well connected, well networked person we know! Welcome to #RosiesRoundup.

The networking circuit

I received a warm welcome at the We Mean Biz networking event in Clifton Village earlier this month. I like the format of these events - a great way to keep my ear to the ground, help others through my  professional connections and hear inspiring start-up stories from some of Bristol’s fabulous small businesses.

Further a field I took a trip through sunshine and showers to the end of the rainbow: The FMLY Store in Bruton, home of one of my favourite bloggers, Selfish Mother aka Molly Gunn. Their We Mean Business club is a monthly networking session accompanied by copious cups of tea and delicious brownies, with the added bonus of your small people being very welcome. I thoroughly enjoyed hearing insights into the powers of blogging for your brand from none other than Molly herself.

Social media insights

Online communities are so important to me - I uncover all sorts of hints, tips and advice in them, which can be put to good use. I’m a long term advocate of Janet Murray’s Soulful PR group and the Rin Hamburgh & Co team enjoyed being industrious on Facebook during her recent seven day engagement challenge. We definitely saw the power of using proper engagement to build broader base of followers and enjoyed getting to know other businesses.

Elsewhere on social I like keeping up to date on the movers and shakers, the comings and goings and places to be in the area with the Trouble Lounge ladies over on Insta at @troublelounge. Newsworthy, whether you’re interested in what’s on or what to wear. And I keep up to date with all the constantly changing news and daily stats via the Social Chain daily WhatsApp bulletin.

From the bookshelf

As a lover of the written word, I like nothing better than curling up with a good book or sneaking a few minutes on my phone to read a blog. I had serious shelfie, office wall and puppy envy in this run down of top creative agency instagram accounts from Blogspot.

I found myself thinking YES when I read this impressive tally of reasons why it’s important to have a professional website for your business YES again when I came across this blog post on design accessibility by content designer extraordinaire Sarah Richards. A great celebration of all the good reasons to ensure your website content and design are accessible (Sarah -  I’ll be adding your book to our company bookshelf).

On the box

On a more out-of-hours theme the team have been enjoying the glorious spring days and maintaining our work-life balance with some evenings on the sofa in front of the TV, glass of wine in hand. Our favourites include The Split (inspirational women leaders and amazing gratuitous fashion - I want all the shoes!), Greenleaf with Oprah as star and executive producer (we’re keen to see how this one pans out) and Rin’s pick - The Marvellous Mrs Maisel. Did you enjoy this article? Share it with your colleagues now on TwitterLinkedInFacebook or Google+.


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