Three indisputable reasons your business needs a whiteboard animation


Getting people’s attention isn’t easy these days. There’s so much noise, so many distractions. No one seems to be able to concentrate on anything for more than a couple of minutes at a time. 140 characters and they’re off! Which makes it pretty difficult when you’re trying to engage with your target audience.

That’s why we love whiteboard animations. Whiteboard animations use simple graphics and sometimes a small amount of written text to convey information in a quick, straightforward and entertaining way. They make complex subjects much easier to understand, and bring dry content to life with fun visuals that hold your attention as they’re revealed.

And that’s not just our opinion. There have been various studies that have shown the impact of whiteboard animations and their benefits over traditional talking head videos (you know, where someone is just chatting to the camera). So here are three reasons your business may well need an animation.

1) Whiteboard animations increase engagement

According to neuroscientist Dr Carla Clark, the fact that whiteboard animations are drawn out - whether or not you can see the hand and pen or not - makes them much more engaging than a person talking. This “vivid visual progression”, as she calls it, stops people’s attention from wandering, as they’re hooked by wanting to see what emerges next.

2) Whiteboard animations increase knowledge retention

A study by psychologist Richard Wiseman found that compared to talking head videos, whiteboard animations increase the amount of information viewers retained by 15%. Why? Because they’re fun, and when people are having fun they’re much more likely to learn. 15% might not sound like much but statistically it’s huge and can be a game changer in anything from staff training to customer education scenarios.

3) Whiteboard animations are incredibly versatile

Now this is one we’ve seen with our own eyes. Over the years, we’ve worked on animation scripts for clients with a range of different goals, and have come to the conclusion that whiteboard animations are particularly effective if you want to:

  • Stand out from the crowd at an industry exhibition

  • Boost knowledge retention in a staff training session

  • Communicate your corporate vision to multiple stakeholders

  • Wow a prospective client during a sales pitch

  • Summarise your MVP to potential investors

  • Or simply market your products and services in a fresh, modern way

And as if that weren’t enough, statistics show that whiteboard animations are three times as likely to be shared online compared to a talking head video,and twice as likely to lead to a sale.

Just imagine - being able to cut through all that noise. Attract and hold people’s attention. And drive positive results for your business. Wouldn’t that be nice?

Watch our promo animation, created in conjunction with Hullo Creative, to see for yourself how powerful whiteboard animations can be.


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