How to make the most of national days in your marketing


Today is National Writing Day. It’s also World Humanist Day and International Surfing Day, although those aren’t quite so relevant to us here at Rin Hamburgh & Co.

National days like this tend to divide people. There are some that rub their hands in glee at being given a platform from which to promote whatever it is the want to promote. Others roll their eyes at the increasingly silly list of days that seem to have been invented solely for the purpose of flogging stuff.

The truth is that it’s neither right nor wrong to include these days - or any events, from the Wimbledon finals to Christmas - within your marketing plan. It’s all down to how you go about it. If you do want to make the most of national days, here are a few tips for getting it right.

Keep it relevant

If you sell cars, you’re unlikely to be able to work International Widow’s Day into your marketing plan. But it’s an ideal opportunity for a will writer to promote the benefits of their services. Crowbarring in a tenuous link to a national day is at best cheesy and at worst annoying or even offensive, and won’t do your brand any favours.

Know your audience

As with any marketing activity, the absolute key to success is to understand your audience, so keep them in the front of your mind when trying to decide how you could utilise a national day. For example, July is National Anti-Boredom month. If your audience is made up of mums, they might appreciate a guide to keeping the kids entertained, whereas young office workers will probably enjoy a series of gifs to help them keep boredom at bay on their coffee break.

Remember your objectives

All marketing activity needs to link back to pre-determined objectives. If you want to establish your accountancy brand as a leading expert in the industry, then planning a silly Facebook campaign around Bring Your Dog to Work Day (which is this Friday, if you’re interested) isn’t a good use of resources. But if you’re aiming to connect with your audience by showing them that accountants are real people just like them, then sharing videos of each of your team with their dogs on social media could work really well.

Consider a promotion

Even the most skeptical consumer will be more amenable to your marketing efforts if they involve getting something for nothing. How about setting up a two-for-one offer for friends on World Friendship Day, or giving teaching assistants a special discount on National Teaching Assistants Day? As before, remember to keep it relevant and useful to your audience and your own business goals.

Be prepared

It’s far easier to create a relevant marketing campaign for a national day if you have a bit of time to plan it. That’s why we’re such big fans of using an editorial calendar, which allows you to set out future content in advance and link it in with relevant dates in your industry. To find out more about how to create an editorial calendar for your business blog, have a look at our recent post here.

We are now offering an Editorial Calendar service specifically for business blogs, which includes a strategy and brainstorming session with Rin plus a bespoke calendar of targeted ideas your audience will love. To find out more, get in touch today.



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