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Confession time: today’s blog post was written right at the last minute. In fact, it was really late (I usually schedule posts for 6am but only pressed publish on this one at 8:45pm!). It wasn’t the ideal situation to be in, especially after a long day of meetings when all I wanted to do was collapse in front of Netflix with a glass of wine.

I did think about just skipping a week. I mean, who’d really notice, right? Except I honestly believe that consistency is one of those subtly important things that really do make a difference. Brand loyalty is built on trust, and consistency contributes to that trust.

Of course, when you’re busy running a business it’s easy for something like blogging to fall to the bottom of the to do list. You’ve got clients to deal with, after all, and staff to manage and suppliers to chase up and networking events to attend.

So, here are a few tips to help make blogging consistently just that little bit easier.

1) Create an editorial calendar

Generating ideas is probably the hardest thing about blogging. Once you’ve got an idea honed to a sharp angle, it’ll practically write itself. But trying to think of something interesting to say when you’re under pressure is not an easy job. Far better to set aside some time when you’re feeling relaxed (ie not when the next post is due out in a few hours’ time) and just pour a whole bunch of ideas out, then organise the best ones into a spreadsheet so you know what’s coming and when. If you want more information about how to create an editorial calendar, read this post.

2) Make writing a daily habit

Daily?? Yes, daily. If you’re really serious about writing your own business blog, and you’re struggling to sit down and do it, it’s probably because you’re uncomfortable with writing in some way. And the only way to get through that is to work at it every day until you feel differently. I used to think I could only write when I felt inspired. Then I got a job as a trainee reporter on a daily paper, where I was given a story at 9:30am and was expected to file my copy by 4:30pm, no excuses. I soon got comfortable with writing under any circumstance.

3) Get ahead of yourself

Once you’re more at ease with writing you can dial it back a bit, but keep a regular routine so you stay limber and continue to produce consistent content for your blog. Don’t leave it to the last minute like I did this week! Have a bank of evergreen blog posts ready to go and use them as back ups when your to do list gets on top of you. Thanks to your editorial calendar, you’ll have a stack of ideas ready and waiting, so whenever you’re feeling inspired or have a spare half hour on your hands, get writing.

4) Ask people to help

Guest posts are a great way to enrich your blog and reduce the amount of original content you have to produce. Potential writers include members of your team, experts in your industry (though not competitors, obviously!), suppliers and even your own clients and customers, who can write powerful testimonials and case studies. An added bonus of a guest post is that you’ll have someone else working to promote it, once it’s published.

5) Bring in the professionals

Ok, I know I’m bound to say this, but the best way to guarantee you have quality copy delivered on time each and every time is to use a professional. You don’t have to use us - there are lots of great writers out there - but do consider how much time and hassle you could save yourself if you outsourced this particular job. Yes, there’s a financial investment. But work out your own hourly rate, calculate how many of those hours you might spend frantically trying (and possibly failing) to produce good copy by yourself, and then compare the two. It’s probably not as expensive as you think.

If you need help creating an editorial calendar or would like someone to take the stress of blogging off your hands, get in touch today.


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