How to set content marketing goals so you don’t quit before you succeed

Creating marketing content for your business can be depressing. You spend hours and hours thinking up great ideas, finding the exact right words to express them, perfecting your brand voice… and then, what?

You do it all again. Another blog post, another email newsletter, another Hootsuite schedule full of interesting tweets.

And what are you actually achieving? What’s the point? Why do you bother? No wonder so many people give up before they’ve seen results.

What do you want?

The problem is most of these people don’t actually know what they’re trying to achieve, they haven’t set any goals and as a result, they have no way of measuring the progress that they’re making.

So first up, what is the aim of your content marketing campaign? Obviously it’s to win more business, but let’s be a bit more specific…

  • Are you hoping to drive more traffic to your website?
  • Do you want to make sure leads convert into clients?
  • Are you hoping to keep your existing customers happy and get more revenue from them?
  • Are you simply trying to get your company name in front of more people i.e. increase brand awareness?

Knowing what your goals are will not only impact on the kind of content marketing you do, it will help you set measurable objectives too.

Be specific

For example, let’s imagine you want to become known as a expert in your field.

To achieve this, you might decide to start a blog that includes loads of really useful insider hints and tips and share industry trends via social media.

With a strategy in place, you can set targets such as ‘increase blog readership by X’ or ‘achieve a reach of X on Twitter every week’.

Or if you want to get repeat sales from existing customers, you could run a targeted email campaign with exclusive content and offers, and use promotional codes to monitor how many people bite.

You can do it!

By tracking your progress, you’ll soon be able to see whether the effort you’re putting in is having an impact – and if it’s not, you can adjust the strategy and see what effect that has.

The truth is, we all need a little encouragement. We need to see the fruits of our labours, or we start to wonder whether it’s worth continuing.

So make sure you’re setting relevant goals, tracking your progress as you go, and then making regular adjustments until you begin to see the benefit on the bottom line.

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