"Many receive advice, only the wise profit from it.” - Harper Lee

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Brand consultancy from Rin Hamburgh & Co Copywriting Agency

Whatever it is you do, we don’t doubt you’re an expert in it. You’ve spent years training, gaining experience, taking instruction from mentors and managers, making mistakes and learning from them.

Rin has too. With 14 years’ experience as a journalist, editor, copywriter and business owner, she has gathered a wealth of knowledge and skills. Add that to her ability to make even the most complex subject accessible and engaging, and you have a consultant who is definitely worth talking to.


Get ahead of the game

Whether you want a professional assessment of your current content marketing efforts, a strategy report to inform the choices you make going forward, or help training up your in-house team, Rin can help.

Just get in touch for an informal chat, and we can tailor a bespoke consultancy or training package especially targeted to the particular challenges and opportunities of your business.


Brand tone of voice guidelines: revolutionise your content


Trust is a vital foundation on which to build a relationship with your target audience. And the best way to build trust is to be consistent. That’s why it’s so important that you have a clearly defined brand tone of voice, so that everything you produce - from emails to blog posts to social media updates - sounds like your brand.

But as your business expands and more people contribute to your content, you risk watering that voice down. Which is why our Brand Tone of Voice Package not only facilitates the development of a consistent voice, but results in the delivery of a set of guidelines that can be used by anyone who creates content for your brand.

Our Brand Tone of Voice Package includes:

  • A day’s workshop with your leadership team, led by Rin, to thoroughly explore and define the key elements that contribute to brand tone of voice.

  • A detailed report on the workshop session, giving you something to refer back to and use within your marketing strategy.

  • A fully designed and branded tone of voice guideline document that can be shared internally and externally as needed.


This in-depth consultancy service will give you:

  • A chance to reflect on your brand offering, values and personality.

  • A tightly defined set of client personas for use in all areas of your marketing.

  • A practical tool to help you create more targeted content.

  • A consistent tone of voice that will support effective marketing efforts.

  • An opportunity to involve your leadership team in your marketing strategy.


If that sounds like something you’d find useful, get in touch to find out more about how we can help.



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