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How to maximise the ROI of your business blog

Tracking the return on investment (ROI) on a blog is notoriously difficult. It’s rare that someone will simply read a post and then make a purchase. Instead, blogging is part of a bigger marketing mix that works together to move potential customers or clients along the buying journey towards that end goal of working with you.

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5 powerful truths about business that I learned at Girl Tribe Gang Live

On Saturday morning I got up at 5am despite the fact that my children were staying at my mum’s house. I got ready in record time and set out on my journey in the pitch dark. At 6am I picked up my friend Lisa, founder of Mama Be Kind, and set off on what turned out to be a four hour journey to Manchester.

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Why I'm glad my latest hire isn't a mum

As you may already know, we recently hired a fantastic young copywriter called Sam. Sam is a student in his 20s. He's a guy and he doesn't have any kids. And I couldn't be happier. Why? No, it's not because I think women or parents or people older than 30 are somehow inferior! If you're looking for controversy, you're in the wrong place.

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