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Signable is the UK’s leading electronic signature company, working with clients in a range of industries from legal and finance to property and retail. Rob joined the Bristol-based team as Marketing Manager in 2016 from Rakuten Marketing, and now heads up the brand’s marketing efforts alongside Content Queen Jessie Davies.

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What’s the key challenge you’re addressing in your marketing at Signable?

Brand awareness is probably our biggest marketing goal, along with educating people about electronic signatures. Often people aren't aware of the fact that there’s technology that allows them to create an electronic signature, or they think they’re less legally binding when in fact they’re exactly the same. People have objections around moving away from paper too, so it’s about getting them to understand how simple it is, and the advantages of going paperless.

What mix of marketing tools do you use to communicate Signable’s core messages?

We produce regular blog posts and other written content like white papers - we published an introductory guide to electronic signatures last year, and got good feedback from that. We also do infographics, because people like to take in information in different ways, and they seem to be quite popular as well. Facebook and Twitter are quite big for us too, especially Twitter, and then we have an Instagram account for brand awareness. The sort of content we post on there is mostly picture quotes, for example from testimonials, or pictures of the team to add a bit of character and help us connect with people as a more personal brand. We’re looking at doing a webinar later this year too, because again it’s just a different way of getting information out there.

How do you use the Signable blog to add value to your clients?

As I touched on before, it’s very much about educating people, not just about Signable but about electronic signatures and areas around that - going paperless, the paperless office and so on. We also use the blog to publish industry specific case studies with testimonials that set out the challenges our clients have overcome and the benefits they’ve gained by adopting electronic processes for contract and document signing.

What is exciting you most in the marketing industry at the moment?

Video-led content is definitely the way to go at the moment, especially on social channels. I think Facebook especially is going to become more of a video-led platform, and the same goes for the others. Content is already really important and that’s only going to continue. And further ahead you've got new technology like AI (artificial intelligence) and AR (augmented reality). That’s definitely worth keeping an eye on.

What challenges do you face as a marketer in today’s business world?

Our biggest competitors are two companies based in America that between them have a 90% share of the market. At Signable we’re a team of six, so trying to compete is often a challenge in terms of search and Google, when their budgets are so much bigger than ours. Our strategy has been to play to our strengths and do what we’re really good at. What separates us from our competitors is the fact that we can provide great customer service, our clients can pick up the phone and actually talk to us; we’re just a bit more of a personable brand than big US corporations that we compete with. It’s about creating a brand around what your company is good at and not getting too caught up in what other people are doing; that’s the best way to differentiate yourself.


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