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How to recognise copywriting BS

Our #WriterInResidence, Sam Whitlock, breaks down the nutritional value of words that attract buzzing flies rather than intrigued clients. These are copywriting do-nots that spell incompetence and smell frankly awful.

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6 ways to share your blog content on social and get more readers

How do you get eyes on your blog posts? Whether you’re a business owner or a marketing manager, ensuring that the content you’ve invested time and/or money in is actually being read is high priority. But far too many people simply press publish, pop the link out on social media and then… nothing.

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How to write about the same thing over and over without anyone getting bored

Once upon a time if people were bored they might have allowed themselves to feel the sensation for a while. These days if people are bored they just open another tab. And so making a website successful has become all about the art of reducing your bounce rate. So how do you keep creating content while avoiding being boring?

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Rosie's Roundup: the summer juggle edition

And just like that it was suddenly the middle of Summer. School’s out, out of office notifications are on, working parents are operating military level maneuverers and people are double or even triple hatting whilst their colleagues are on holiday.

Everyone is barbecuing and tending to their gardens. Wanting to enjoy the warmer lighter evenings now the good weather has finally arrived (ideally torrential rain free). This month’s roundup is of our tips on staying productive whilst keeping the plates spinning and still getting to enjoy the occasional sundowner!

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The science of reading and why it matters for marketers

Writing marketing copy is easy, right? You just need a good command of the English language, an understanding of your target market, and what’s best summed up as the gift of the gab - the ability to use words to drive actions in others.

Thing is, that’s only helpful if people actually read your words in the first place. And with attention spans reportedly at an all time low, getting people to take the time to peruse the copy you’ve so carefully crafted isn’t easy.

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5 powerful insights from the B2B Marketing Ignite conference

Earlier this week I travelled up to London for a day of networking, learning and, it turned out, really good food at the annual B2B Marketing Ignite conference. Events like these can be a bit hit and miss, so I’m pleased to report that it was one of the best I’ve been to - and not just because they served free Pimms and pick ’n mix.

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LinkedIn: the expert view on what makes the perfect profile

If you’re looking for your next career move then polishing your LinkedIn profile should be high on your to do list. With over 25M registered members in the UK alone, it’s the best place to be seen online by potential employers.

But what makes a good LinkedIn profile? We asked three experts - a recruitment professional, an HR professional and a business owner - what would attract them to someone’s profile, and what would put them right off.

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Argentina, art and age-defying looks: meet Ingrid: our new sales & marketing assistant

Our latest team member is Ingrid Smejkal, who joins us this week as a sales and marketing assistant. Fresh from a career in internal recruitment - via a three month artistic retreat in South Africa - Ingrid brings with her a sharp wit, a talent for good chat and a fierce collection of French Connection outfits. Look out for on the networking scene soon - you won’t be able to miss her.

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How we get so many eyes on our blog posts

You might have seen us sharing some of our blog stats on social media. Things like the fact that 60% of our website visitors arrive through a blog post…

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