How Rin Hamburgh became Rin Hamburgh & Co

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How does Rin Hamburgh & Co work?


Freelancers get booked up. Agencies are expensive. Rin Hamburgh & Co sits nicely in the middle, giving you the best of both worlds. Because we only bring in the people we need for each project, we can keep costs reasonable. But our team structure means we can also meet the tightest of deadlines.

As a client, you’ll always deal directly with Rin, who oversees each project personally, guaranteeing the high standards you’d expect from someone with 14 years’ experience writing for the national media and a wide range of businesses. And because each job has two amend stages built in automatically, you can be sure the finished product will be exactly what you’re after.


Meet the team

 Rin Hamburgh at desk copywriting


Rin is the founder of Rin Hamburgh & Co and a lifelong writer. After completing a post-grad degree in magazine journalism, Rin cut her teeth as a staff writer on the Western Mail. She went freelance in 2010, earning bylines on publications from the Guardian to Psychologies magazine. Rin launched Rin Hamburgh & Co when she saw the need for reliable, top quality yet cost effective copywriting services. Today she enjoys looking after her clients, her team and her twin daughters - though ideally not all at the same time.



With a background in operations management and four children of her own, Liz is the queen of organisation and helps keep Rin and the rest of the business on track. She looks after a range of important functions from admin to social media, making her utterly indispensable. Her only weakness is a full blown addiction to Diet Coke.



Matt’s first piece of published work was a poem about an armadillo that won him a creative writing contest at primary school. Since then he’s gained a post-grad degree in magazine journalism and written for publications including the Guardian. Matt’s strength lies in bringing dry, complex subjects to life and injecting personality and editorial flair into all his copy.


Morgan’s scope as a writer is beyond impressive - a published poet, author, journalist and academic writer, she is also skilled in creating the kind of user-friendly content people actually want to read. When she’s not writing, you’ll find her spending time with her son, as close to nature as she can get, ideally at a festival where there’s plenty of music, dancing and yoga.


As a child Nicky wanted to be Enid Blyton, but somehow got sidetracked into an IT career. Realising it wasn’t for her, she completed The Copywriting Apprentice course in 2014/15 and got addicted to the mix of creativity, psychology and technology involved. She does her best work between the hours of 10pm and 2am, and is just waiting for a job that requires her to write in rhyme.


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