"More than 50% of internet users avoid doing business with a company that makes spelling and grammar mistakes on their website."

Your website = you


When you meet people for the first time, the way you speak gives them an idea of who you are. Your words, tone of voice and ability to convey a clear message help others understand what you can offer them.

Online, your website is your representative. The words you fill it with are your brand voice – every word, sentence and paragraph combines to create a lasting impression of your business.


More than just nice words

Not everyone has a way with words. We get that. Which is why it makes sense to have us write your web copy while you get on with the stuff you’re good at.

As well creating compelling content to drive your brand message, we’ll also think about:

  • Accessible copy layout - including subheads, bullets and pull quotes to maximise scannability on the page.
  • Search engine optimisation (SEO) - working with you or your web team to include your chosen key words and phrases.
  • Clear calls to action - so visitors make the right moves after hearing what you have to say.


By combining these professional tricks and more with straightforward great writing, we’re confident we can get your customers and clients excited about your brand and maximise your chance of winning new business leads online.

  • Working with Rin Hamburgh & Co was one of the best decisions I made when it came to updating my website. Rin took the thoughts out of my head and made complete sense of them. The copy was excellent in both terms of content and style, she nailed it. Not only that - she understood the spec of the website and the brief, far better than I did - giving thought to lay out and headings. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend anyone working with Rin.
    — Faye Dicker, Freelance Mum
  • Rin has a gift for words and an understanding of business that makes her an incredible asset if you need anything ‘businessy' written. Her work on our already established website improved both the quality and quantity of enquiries.
    — Perry Kerr, MD, Bristol Business Centre
  • I just want to say what a fantastic job you have done with writing the copy for my website. From start to finish I was impressed with the attentive level of service given to me, but above all I couldn't believe how the finished copy reflected my personality, and the personality of my business and the service it provides. I would be very happy to recommend you to anyone I know who needs the service of a copywriter, thank you so much for such a positive experience.
    — Tom Crane, Lucid FS

Get a website health check

Worried your website isn’t representing your brand as well as it could be, but not exactly sure why? Our website health check service will help you figure out what’s working and where there's potential for improvement.

You’ll get 30 minutes on the phone with Rin, who will take you through her step-by-step analysis of your site, giving you tangible and actionable ways to improve your copy.

This service costs £45, which can be redeemed against a web copy package if you decide you’d like Rin Hamburgh & Co to create new copy for you.

  • Rin's website health check was priceless. It's given me clear direction on what I need to focus on. Thank you very much Rin. I will be in touch once I've made the updates for further advice!
    — Hannah Redden, Hannah Redden Interior Design
  • Rin gave me some really valuable tips and advice on the copy of my website. Rin's knowledge and experience is second to none and her passion to help was really touching. I felt that she had taken the time to really understand my business & my customer to give me specific advice on how to tweak & edit my copy to create a much more powerful message with more clarity too. I would highly recommend Rin for anyone who wants to make their words have more impact! Thank you Rin.
    — Sarah Cook, social media strategist
  • I took part in a website health check with Rin and it was hugely valuable. Rin had taken the time to go through the content thoroughly which became clear as she got straight to the point in addressing what worked and by also offering great feedback and suggestions. Rin clearly knows what she is talking about, has a great eye for detail and really wants to make a difference to you and your business so you can achieve the best results.
    — Lisa Jones, coach and therapist
  • Rin did a review of my website copy for me, helping me to understand which areas I could improve and what I could do to develop these areas. Her advice was invaluable, and in a short space of time she was able to give me so many new ideas! Rin is excellent at seeing the big picture which is so hard to do when you are too close to what you do. I now have so much food for thought to help me really work out what kinds of things I need to be saying to my customers. I highly recommend talking to Rin, she is approachable, knowledgeable and extremely efficient!
    — YHelene Jewel, Jewel Facilitation