"The average internet user spends 88% more time on a website with a video."

Why use video?

Whether animated or live to camera, video is a highly effective way to spread your marketing message. The combination of moving image and spoken word makes it really easy to engage with compared to written text, which requires more concentration from your audience.

But marketing is just one of many ways that video can support your business. It’s also a great tool for:

  • Training staff
  • Drawing people to your conference stand
  • Adding value to presentations
  • Communicating key messages within your company
  • Growing your social media following
  • Improving your website’s search ranking

Of course, the fact that video is so effective means lots of people are doing it, so you need to make sure yours stands out by being as professionally crafted as possible - and that includes a really good script.


Writing for the ear

No matter how articulate you are, chances are the moment there’s a video camera pointed towards you, you’ll find yourself stumbling over your words. A script allows you to craft your message in advance and then deliver it with confidence.

But you can’t just read out the notes from your latest meeting and expect people to listen. We don’t speak the way we write, and it’s important that your script takes into account the fact that the words will be heard rather than seen.

Likewise, when it comes to animations, it’s vital that the words and the visuals work together to tell the same story, or your viewer might not make it past 10 seconds*.

(*Stats show that around 20% of people will have clicked away by this point. And by 30 seconds that’s up to a third of your audience. Frustrating, isn’t it?)


How we can help

Our team of professional journalists and copywriters are experienced in writing all kinds of video and animation scripts.

We’ve been involved in a huge range of projects, from helping a local shop promote their latest products to working with a large multinational to communicate their company vision to thousands of employees worldwide.

As part of the Hullo Creative family, we can provide film making and animation services to form a complete package, or work with your creative team to ensure your finished video accurately reflects your brand and achieves your goals.


What now?

Our process usually works like this:

  • During an initial meeting, Skype or phone call, we’ll discuss your business goals and video script requirements before quoting you a fair price for the job.
  • Once you’ve decided to go ahead, we’ll have a more in-depth briefing with you - and the film maker / animator, where appropriate - to gather the information we require to create a compelling video or animation script.
  • Our team – all of whom are professionally trained journalists and copywriters – will then get to work crafting a concise and precisely written script, delivering your message in language your audience can relate to.
  • After your feedback, we will make any necessary amends and present you with the final copy of your video script.


Get in touch today and we’ll make sure your video gets the views it deserves.