“72% of professional marketers now believe that branded content such as blog posts are more effective than magazine adverts.”

Why blog?

A well written, optimised blog can do amazing things for your business. Here are a few pretty persuasive arguments:

  • Blogging can establish you as an expert in your field
  • Blogging can provide original content to share on social media
  • Blogging can boost search engine rankings
  • Blogging can drive traffic to your website
  • Blogging can generate business leads

But there’s the problem. With so much content already online, how do you make your blog stand out from the crowd?

How not to blog

The key to successful blogging is to create content people want to read. It’s that simple - and that difficult.

One common mistake is to use your blog as a sales platform. The hard truth is that people usually don’t want to read about what you’ve been up to. They want to read about what benefits them.

Successful blogs are packed with useful advice that readers can apply to their own lives, establishing their authors as helpful experts. Or they’re entertaining and easy to share on social media.

Once you’ve positioned yourself as being the best at what you do, and established a brand voice that draws a loyal readership (ie your target market), the sales will take care of themselves.


How we can help

Ok, so hopefully you’re persuaded that blogging is a good idea, but only if you do it properly. So, how can we help? 

Well, our team of professional journalists and copywriters understand what readers want from a blog. We can work with you at whatever level you need, from identifying the subjects that will generate the most interest and write posts that your target market will enjoy reading, to simply taking what you’ve written in-house and give it a professional polish.

Our services include:

  • Generating ideas for individual blog posts and blog series
  • Creating entertaining and informative blog content
  • Editing and proof reading existing content
  • Sourcing appropriate images
  • Uploading content to your blogging platform


What now?

Our process usually works like this:

  • During an initial meeting, Skype or phone call, we’ll discuss your business goals and blog requirements before quoting you a fair price for the job.
  • Once you’ve decided to go ahead, we’ll have a more in-depth briefing to gather the information we require to create a strategy for your blog, from the clients you’re aiming at to the key messages your blog needs to convey.
  • Our team – all of whom are professionally trained journalists and copywriters – can then deliver as many blog posts as you need, crafted with online reading habits and search engine optimisation (SEO) in mind.
  • After your feedback, we will make any necessary amends and present you with the final copy of each blog post. We can even source images and upload the content for you, and give it a final on-screen proof read, if you need us to.


The result

More web traffic, better customer engagement and an industry-specific publishing platform which will identify you as a leader in your field.


Contact us for a friendly chat about how we can make your blog brilliant.

Rin has been working with Cartwheel as Blog Editor for over a year and I have always found her to be friendly, approachable and, above all, professional. She consistently delivers high quality work on time and has the flexibility to adapt to changing work requirements.
— Emma Holcombe, Cartwheel Holidays